About fashionpsychic

Me and my blog

My name is Frida and I am a fashion lover (or should I say addict?) from Sweden. I blog about anything related to fashion including outfit inspiration, styling tips and DIY’s. I have tried blogging before but now it seems the timing was perfect. I am so happy to have my blog and I feel like this is what I’m meant to do, even if it’s only right now.

The name fashionpsychic

I have always loved fashion and I love reading magazines about new trends and what’s going on on the runway. This way I have followed the trends and figuring out what to buy. But aside from this I have always had thoughts popping up giving me ideas of clothing combinations, designs, prints and ideas. This would lead to me looking for clothing, shoes and accessories based on these thoughts. I rarely found what I was looking for and I would try and make it myself (if I couldn’t I would put it on hold), but about a year later give or take every store would sell this specific type of piece. This has happened many times and it was almost as if I predicted the future of fashion. That is the story of how I thought of the name “fashionpsychic.”

Purpose of the blog

As I have written; I love fashion and I want to share it with you. But my main purpose is to give you inspiration and whether it’s about you wanting to start a blog, figuring out what to wear or how you could make something instead of buying it; this is the purpose of the blog.

Share my blog

My blog is very new and I’m just starting out, which means I need readers. If you were to recommend my blog to your friends and followers, that would mean the world!