Updated Classics: Pearls And Plaid




Classics, the kind of pieces that most people should own, simply because they’re timeless. You can easily pair them with current trends as well as with other classics. Whether we’re talking about the LBD, the trench coat or the black pumps, they can all be updated with different materials and details.



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The Trendy Fanny Pack

If you saw this DIY post you have already seen the faux fur bag I’m wearing today. The reason I made it was to wear it like I am today; around my waist. I have always loved the idea of a fanny pack because I feel like my things are more protected that way. The only problem with the fanny pack is that the most common sort is, well.. Hideous.

The trendy version of a fanny pack looks more like a clutch or cross body bag attached to a belt. I think that this version looks gorgeous and at the same time it’s just as practical (if not more) as the regular kind.

Today I paired my faux fur fanny pack (attached to a wide black belt) with a white classic denim skirt, an off the shoulder blouse in a lovely grey shade. Because it’s not to warm outside I added ankle boots. I also added a classic choker, my Thomas Sabo bracelet (with my new charm on it that my sister gave me on my graduation) and my gorgeous bracelet from Edblad (another graduation gift.)

Today the plan is to head to the mall with a friend, I need new shorts for Malta and I’m also picking up a skirt that I ordered (also for Malta). I’ll probably end up buying a frapino as well… The problem is what flavor I should choose…

DSC_0080 (8)

DSC_0004 (10)

DSC_0051 (10)


DSC_0084 (9)

Have an amazing day!


5 Outfits: Turning A Top In To A One Shoulder Top (or dress)

I have always appreciated the beauty in asymmetry, especially in clothing. One example is the one shoulder top which I have loved for as long as I can remember. It’s so interesting and it’s the perfect statement piece. For some reason though I don’t own a one shoulder top or dress but then again it’s pretty easy to transform a top in to one.

After yesterday’s outfit  I got inspired to create more looks wearing a top/dress as a one shoulder top/dress. So today I’m showing you 5 outfits with 5 different pieces worn like one shoulder tops/dresses.

Let’s get started!

The One Shoulder Off Shoulder

As you know we have seen the off shoulder trend everywhere for a long time now and the truth is it won’t stay forever but the’re are a lot of other trends replacing it. During fashion month we saw one sleeve tops, flashdance shoulders and one shoulder tops. I decided to add one that as far as I know doesn’t have a name yet; the one shoulder off shoulder top. Basically it’s a one shoulder top but at the same time it’s off the shoulder. I think it looks really gorgeous and this off shoulder button up blouse was perfect for this (because it was a bit to tight around the shoulders.) What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

To keep the sleeve from hanging I tied it with the opposite front panel of the blouse.

The Long One Shoulder Top

If saw my outfit yesterday you might recognize this long top with a high slit. It was originally a dress but I never wore it so I turned it in to a long top. I pinned the sleeve to the side of the top and then I tied it with the front panel of the top. Underneath I wore my Dior inspired bra (see how I made it here) for something extra. I paired the top with a faux leather skirt (which I recently fixed for my sister, thanks for letting me borrow it!) I added a silver bracelet, a cuff earring and my black pumps to finish off the look.

The Lace Kimono One Shoulder Dress

If you have a kimono or cardigan you can easily turn it into a one shoulder with a few pins. I wore a strapless dress as a base and then I added my lace kimono over, added a safety pin at the side, wrapped the sleeve at the front and finally pinned that in place as well. I also did it in another way where I wrapped the kimono half way where I pinned it in place and then wrapped the sleeve and pinned it at the back. I paired it with a lace choker and my Vagabond pumps.

The Ruffle Blouse One Shoulder

As I mentioned recently I really want a voluminous floral blouse possibly a one shoulder so I looked through my closet to see if I had anything remotely similar and I found my leopard print blouse. I bought this lovely blouse second hand and because it’s a v-neck it looks really interesting worn as a one shoulder. To define the waist I wrapped the sleeve around and pinned it at the back. I paired the blouse with white jeans, black v-neck pumps and my over sized silver pearl earrings.

The One Shoulder Dress

Finally I wore my striped dress that I love so much and wore it as a one shoulder. To hide the sleeve I added my corset belt which also added something extra. I also added my feather hoops and my leopard print pumps.

In the end you can turn a lot of pieces in to one shoulder’s as long as it’s not to tight around the neckline. I would love to have an actual one shoulder and when I buy one I’d love for it to look something like this.

For more inspiration on how to style a one shoulder top check out my new collection on Polyvore. If you liked this post don’t forget to follow, comment, like and share.

Have a lovely day!


3 Current Trends

Today I thought I’d share 3 current trends and how you can style them. I wanted to incorporate the floral print mixing trend as well but that’s when I realized how few pieces I actually own with floral print. I am now in the search for a voluminous floral print blouse, possibly asymmetrical.

The trends I am sharing today are the flashdance shoulder, stripes on stripes and the wide belt. Let me know in the comment section which trend you like best and don’t forget to like and share!

The Flashdance Shoulder

DSC_0033 (24)

Starting with the first trend; the flashdance shoulder. The name comes from the musical movie flashdance (which I am embarrassed to say I have never seen) where from what I can see (on google) the lead actress wears gorgeous off the shoulder tops (just showing one shoulder.) This has now become a trend again and I have seen it a lot with button up blouses. What’s so great is that this trend doesn’t have to cost anything if you already have a button up blouse. In the pictures I paired my sheer white blouse with a white skort and nude pumps. You can simply pair it with denim shorts, lace up sandals and a choker and you have a gorgeous look.

Stripes on Stripes

The second trend is all about my favorite print; stripes and more stripes. This trend is exactly what it sounds like mixing pieces with stripes in different sizes, vertically or horizontally, the same colors or completely different. It’s all about going a little crazy and just having fun with it. Check out this set that I made on Polyvore a while back to get some inspiration (I also noticed I used a choker in that set similar to the one I showed you yesterday.) In the pictures I wore my striped skirt from Shein, a striped top with a mesh section at the top and my black pumps to which I added striped ribbons.

Wide Belt

DSC_0101 (12)

Finally we have the wide belt which doesn’t have to be a corset belt just in case you were wondering. A wide belt can be worn with almost anything and certainly adds something extra. Add it to a dress to define the waist and to make it more edgy or over a longer button up blouse, with jeans, pumps and statement earrings. Finally my favorite is to create a interesting layered look and then top it all of with a wide belt. An example of a layered look is the one I’m wearing in the pictures where I paired a LDB with a black duster coat, I added my corset belt with the lace up part at the back and then I let coat slid off of one shoulder. This is great example of an interesting all black outfit. With one shoulder showing it appears as if it is a one sided cold shoulder dress which also happens to be a growing trend.

Prinsen joined me during the photo shoot again and he certainly added to the stripes on stripes trend..

Have a lovely day!


Easy DIY: Flower Choker



DSC_0047 (24)

Let’s face it; chokers aren’t going away anytime soon and there are so many different options. To keep it interesting I like to think of new types of chokers, or get inspired by others and make my own. One way to change things up a bit is to make a choker like I am showing you today. You can use any color and pieces to make it your own.

This is a super easy but gorgeous choker that anyone can make, YES anyone. If you want to see how to make a choker like this keep reading.

You’re going to need:

  • A fabric choker (If you don’t have one I’ll show you how to make one here.)
  • A fabric flower, a pom pom or something else you would like to add (temporarily.) If you would like to use a brooch instead then you probably won’t need the next item.
  • A safety pin.

Start by adding the safety pin to the back of your flower (or whatever you’re adding to the choker) and leave some room on the safety pin. Then attach the safety pin to the choker where you want it to be. If you need to you can add more safety pins.

That’s it! And you can easily remove the flower whenever you want to add something else or if you want to wear the choker as it is.

DSC_0024 (24)

Have a lovely day!


Easy DIY: Lace Up Shoes

DSC_0085 (11)

Something we’ve seen a lot the past months are the beautiful Miu Miu shoes with buckles or lace up details. They come in different varieties such as mules, flats, flatform espadrilles, pumps and sandals, some of them come with detachable ribbons (like these were you are able to wear gingham on one foot and black on the other for a cool asymmetrical look.) I love these beauties and if I had the money I would already own a pair because the’re so versatile.

If you like me really love these shoes but you don’t want to spend so much money you can try out this trick. What you’ll need for this is:

  • A pair of shoes, it can be any kind.
  • Ribbon in desired color or print

As you can see I decided to wrap my ribbons around the shoe but this won’t work on flats unless you don’t mind stepping on the ribbons. The other option looks more like the Miu Miu version but if you use to thick ribbons it might be to uncomfortable to wear in the shoes. I’ll show you below how I tied my ribbons:

If you have a pair of shoes that are a bit big on you this is an awesome way to keep the shoes on your feet while adding something extra to your shoes.

To do the other option you just wrap the ribbon around your feet instead and then put on your shoes. But obviously this won’t help with shoes that are too big (but maybe too wide.)

The ribbons I used came from an old pair of wedges from H&M but if you go to a craft store you could get any type of ribbon in your desired width and length (assuming that that particular store offers a wide range of ribbons.) If you don’t have a store like this nearby you can always find any type of ribbon online. But who knows maybe you have some old ribbons lying around somewhere.. I sure did..

DSC_0117 (9).JPG

Have a lovely day!


4 Outfits 4 Midi Skirts

The midi skirt is one of those trends that works throughout the year because if its length. Whenever it’s spring and it’s too cold to wear short skirts (and I’m not a fan of tights at this point because it sometimes makes me feel like it’s fall) it’s perfect to wear a midi skirt. Just throw on fishnet tights, booties and a short jacket and you’re good to go.

Personally whenever I’m wearing short skirts I feel a bit uncomfortable because I feel like I can’t move around the same way, not to mention that you need to think about keeping your legs together when you’re sitting. I also find that the skirt length in between mini and knee length looks a bit awkward on me. Because of these many reasons the midi skirt is my best friend because you can look gorgeous and feel comfortable at the same time.

To give you some extra inspiration I have created 4 outfits with 4 different midi skirts.

The Striped Flare Skirt

DSC_0097 (9)

This first midi skirt you’ve probably seen before, it’s my beautiful striped flare skirt from Shein and I am really excited to wear it in the summer as well. I paired this skirt with my long shirt from Noisy May which I tied at the waist using the back panel as well and I also wore it like an off shoulder top. For shoes I went with my favorite booties and I also added a choker.

DSC_0099 (8)DSC_0070 (11)

The Cream Skirt

DSC_0114 (9)

This second midi skirt is new and I can’t wear this until after my graduation (you may have seen this on my Instagram yesterday) it’s from Ted Baker but you can find it on Asos. I wore the skirt over a dress bought second hand and I paired it with slip ons and a choker. A pair of heels will look just as good if you prefer but I thought I’d show you how to wear it with flats.

DSC_0139 (6)DSC_0149 (4)

The Leather Skirt

DSC_0180 (3)

The third midi skirt is a faux leather skirt from Yoins. You’ll probably get more use out of this in the fall and winter but if it’s not to hot you can still wear it in the spring. I went for a simple look by layering the skirt over a dress again, I bought this dress on Forever 21 and it’s not just a dress with grommets; it used to have a lace up detail but I recently got bored of it and cut it off. For shoes I wore my v neck pumps from Yesstyle and I also added gold earrings from Lindex.

DSC_0174 (2)DSC_0168 (2)

The Ruffle Skirt

DSC_0034 (14)

The fourth midi skirt is one that I have had for many years, I got it after my grandma and I have loved it ever since. As you can see it’s asymmetrical which I love and the ruffle details are so beautiful. I paired it with this top that I bought second hand (underneath I’m wearing a cami) and a pair of open toe booties (they were originally white but I covered them in some fabric from an old blouse.) Finally I added my over sized silver pearl earrings.

DSC_0015 (14)DSC_0029 (13)

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment, like and share and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Have a lovely day!