A Smart Way To Pack Your Jewelry

I have always had problems with packing and one of the most annoying things to pack are jewelry. If you put everything in a small purse or makeup bag you usually end up with a big lump of jewelry making it impossible to take out that one necklace you need. I love organizing, space saving storage and smart ways to pack so I am always looking for the best ideas.

A few years ago I got this idea:

DSC_0002 (26)

I made myself a jewelry roll up to keep my jewelry in while I’m traveling and although it might need some improvement I love using it and it’s super easy to find what I’m looking for.

I added pockets (one with a zipper), loops with buttons to add bracelets and necklaces, fabric pieces to attach earrings and a stuffed long “pillow” for my rings. It’s actually a fun process to add everything and then you just roll it up, tie the ribbons and add bangles and bracelets to make sure they keep their shape.

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DSC_0014 (26)DSC_0012 (21)DSC_0007 (26)As you may know I have gotten ready for Malta the past couple of weeks and tomorrow is the day we’re leaving. This means that I won’t post here on my blog for a while but if you’re interested you can follow me on Instagram where I’ll post daily (maybe even more than once a day) all about what we’re up to while we’re there. Once I’m back I’ll share my photos, experiences (and new things that I have bought.)

I hope you have an amazing couple of weeks!



What I Have In My Travel Purse (on the plane)

DSC_0004 (23).JPG

Since we’re heading towards Malta in couple of days I decided to pack my travel purse were I have all of the things I need on the plane as well as my tickets and passport. I decided use my cheetah printed bag because it was the perfect size. Based on my experience I have gathered the things I need the most on the plane.

The things that I have in my bag is:

  • A book recommended by my book loving sister Julia who lives on Malta. Kate Mosse “The Mistletoe Bride”
  • Passport with a passport holder from Aliexpress
  • Black cat eye sunglasses
  • Pencil case with pencils, erasers and a sharpener
  • Cozy warm leopard print socks
  • New headphones from Urbanears in Tomato red

DSC_0018 (23)

  • Charger
  • Iphone 6
  • Lip balm from Yves Rocher
  • Notebook with lined and blank pages (so I’m able to write and draw) from Rituals.
  • A gold mirror

DSC_0024 (21).JPG

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Have a lovely day!




DIY Fridays: Sequin “On Vacation” Sun Hat

DSC_0035 (19)

I have had this white basic sun hat from H&M for many years now and I have never worn it partially because it’s a bit too basic. I decided it was time to do something different with it. I remembered that I had this sequin trim and I have seen a lot of different sun hats with text (mainly by looking around at Polyvore.) I wasn’t sure about what text I wanted but I finally decided to write “On vacation” like the one in the picture below. I was considering to write “Beach please” or “Life’s a beach” but I thought “On vacation” was more versatile.

DSC_0110 (6)

  • The first thing I did was to use a pen to write the text I wanted on the brim of the hat.
  • Next I took the end of the sequin trim, removed a few sequins and then pulled it through where I wanted the trim to start using a needle. Then I tied it to the underside of the brim.
  • Then I started to pin the trim following the text I wrote.
  • Once I finished I began to sew the trim on. To avoid overlapping the trim in too many places I cut the trim at some places, tied it to the underside and then I continued with another piece.

That was it, super easy and if you want you can simply use a thicker thread instead of a sequin trim or use some kind of a marker to write with. You can also add other decorations like pom poms, flowers or ribbons; the sky is the limit. Have fun creating!

DSC_0005 (21)DSC_0019 (18).JPG

Have a lovely day!




Packing for Malta: 4 Day Outfits

Like I wrote yesterday; I am still working on my outfits but some of them are almost finished. Today I thought I’d show you some day outfits and I plan to wear these lace up sandals below with all of them (unless I decide to bring another pair.)

The sandals are from Daisy Street although I bought them on Asos and I am so in love with them. I have wanted a pair of sandals like these for a long time and I regret I didn’t buy a pair sooner because so far I haven’t found a single piece they don’t look amazing with.

DSC_0054 (20)

The first outfit is the one I’m not completely sure about because of the shorts. I do like them but because the’re so tight without stretch it’s horrible to put them back on over a wet bikini and salt covered skin. I ordered a denim skirt from Zara recently so I might bring that instead.

DSC_0056 (16)

The second outfit is so simple and classic; a white t-shirt, black shorts (and they are super stretchy by the way..) and a belt. My amazing sandals completes the look and I am definitely wearing this.

This third outfit is one of my favorites because the color combination and the relaxed feel. Once again the sandals completes the outfit and if I had to wear one outfit everyday this would be it.

DSC_0101 (7)

The last outfit I wasn’t so sure about at first but now I love it. I paired my lace shorts with my black bikini from H&M underneath a lace kimono. The sandals look amazing with this look as well and I’m considering to wear the kimono in the evening as well.

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Have a lovely day!


Packing for Malta: 4 Evening Outfits

I’m not quite finished with all the outfits I plan to wear on Malta but some of them just needs some adjustments and I’ll need to consider how much I really need. What I know for sure is that I’ll be wearing these floral sandals below in the evenings so it’s important that I can pair them with everything.

I thought I’d show you some of the outfits I’m considering to wear in the evenings and these four is only a few of the ideas that I have.

DSC_0003 (19)DSC_0037 (16)

This slip dress is the only one here that I’m not completely sure that I’ll be taking with me. I do love this and it was only yesterday that I thought of wearing my lace shorts underneath (because it’s just a little bit to short.) The color also matches the floral embroidery on the shoes perfectly. But whether I bring this dress or not remains to be seen.

DSC_0021 (17)

I have showed you this one shoulder top before and I did buy it partially because I wanted a new top for Malta. I certainly don’t regret buying it and i’m definitely taking it with me.

The midi skirt I am also planning to wear in the evening but I have decided to wear it on the plane paired with my mules and a basic cami. This will save a little space in my luggage.

DSC_0025 (18)DSC_0018 (18)

This turquoise dress I have had in my closet for years and I have never worn it. I figured it might be time and I think it would be perfect to wear in the evening. If it doesn’t look to fancy I might even wear it during the day over my bikini (without the belt.)

DSC_0007 (19)

This last dress I bought specifically for Malta but I am also planning to wear it over a T-shirt to dress it down a bit during colder days (In Sweden) and that was actually the reason I began search for a dress in the first place. I found this dress on sale on Asos and I am so glad that I did. The straps were unfortunately very long and I had to fix them as well as the slit in the front which was a little to high for me but that was an easy fix.

DSC_0003 (20)DSC_0004 (18)Tomorrow I’ll show you some day outfits with my lace up flat sandals and my new bikini. If you liked this post please follow, like and share and if you have any questions just ask me in the comment section below.

Have an amazing day!



Packing for Malta: New Things

I have finally started a packing list for Malta and I have few new things to take with me. I am still waiting for these sandals but other than that I have everything I need. I am planning to start putting together outfits today and also considering what beauty products to take with me.

In the pictures:

  1. My new gold iPhone case from H&M.
  2. My new bikini also from H&M
  3. My new sequin dress from Asos
  4. My new one shoulder top from Asos (and my beautiful necklace from andeliusgribbe)
  5. My new sandals from Daisy Street
  6. A chambray playsuit, a blueish grey lace cami and a turquoise dress.

DSC_0049 (12)DSC_0044 (14)DSC_0042 (13)DSC_0039 (13)DSC_0030 (12)DSC_0029 (14)DSC_0025 (14)

DSC_0008 (17).JPGIt seems there is a theme among the things I am taking with me which is completely unintentional but it’s a really good thing. When everything you bring matches it’s so much easier to think of things to wear.

Have a lovely day!


Basic Packing Guide

Over the years I have learned a lot from my packing mistakes such as; packing things I’ve never worn or properly tried out, pieces in way to many colors (and ending up with things that doesn’t match.) The list goes on and on but thanks to these mistakes I have gotten a lot better at packing and I thought I’d share the way I think when I pack and how to avoid problems when you arrive at your destination.

The first thing I always start with when it comes to packing is to make a checklist. I like to take my time with this because it tends to be really difficult to think of everything right away; it’s always much more than you think it’ll be. The more thorough you are with the list the better. The last thing you do before you zip up your suitcase is to read through the checklist and if every tiny little detail isn’t on it it’s likely that you’ll forget it.

DSC_0004 (23)

When it comes to clothes I like to plan my outfits a head, trying to use some pieces more than once. I like to think of two outfits for each day; one for day and one for night. Once you’ve arrived you can choose which outfit to wear on what day depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Some things I always bring when we travel to warmer countries and among these things are:

  • A large beach bag
  • A small cross body bag (that works to carry and protect your cards, money and phone both night and day)
  • A few pieces of jewelry that goes with everything, I like to choose gold statement pieces.
  • A pair of heels (height depends on how much I’ll be walking)
  • A pair of flat sandals (make sure the’re comfortable if you do plan to walk.)
  • A Bikini is pretty obvious but having 2 makes it more fun and you can take it off during the day and if it’s still wet when you want to use it again you can just take the other one.
  • Think about what you’re wearing when you’re on the plane; you’ll need a jacket or sweater because it’s usually cold on the plane (on the last trip I brought socks and I was so glad that I did) and consider if you can wear a top or maxi dress that you’re able to wear once you arrive as well.
  • I like to bring basic pieces of clothing and then dress them up with jewelry and accessories.
  • Bring basic underwear; skin colored, white and black.

DSC_0016 (26)

That was my basic packing guide I hope it will be helpful the next time you’re packing. Don’t forget to comment, like and share!

Have fun packing!