Neutral Layers

Neutrals, layers; you have probably seen me do this before but I can’t help it. I think it looks amazing and combining neutrals is the only way to create a complete monochromatic look during summer (unless you’re wearing a maxi skirt or dress.)

I layered a simple skirt over my slip dress with an extra decorative panel. Finally I layered one of my favorite sweaters over it (second hand) and half tucked it in to the skirt. I paired it with my Vagabond pumps, my mini bag and gold earrings.

Today is yet another shopping day and I know I said that I was ready for Malta on Instagram but if I were to find a denim skirt that would be really great. Oh and a pair of sunglasses is always a fun thing to purchase, and a frapino of course.

DSC_0050 (16)

DSC_0040 (15)

DSC_0042 (16)

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Have an amazing day!




Bun & Fuzzy Sweater (Moving my blog?)

Before I talk about my outfit I would just like to give you a heads up that I have considered moving my blog for months now and I will probably do so very soon. Because of the many limits that Nouw has I won’t be able to develop my blog as much I would like if I were to stay. My plans are to move over to WordPress and I hope that those of you who read my blog would still like to do so.

But for now I would like to tell you about my outfit. I’m wearing a fuzzy sweater that I bought second hand the same time I bought the jeans I’m wearing. I added a choker and stud earrings, for shoes I went for my zip up booties and too top the look of I styled my hair into a bun. Have a lovely day!


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Today I wanted a simple look so I just went with jeans and a white top. I bought these jeans second hand a few days ago and I love them. The white top from Zara is such a nice basic with the cut out details at the shoulders keeping this look from looking to simple. I added two gold chokers also bought second hand and my lion stud earrings from Romwe. Since it’s still a bit on the colder side outside I chose my black platform booties from H&M to complete the look.

Have an amazing day!


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Smart Detail

During fashion week last year I saw photos from one of the shows (I don’t remember which I’m afraid) where they had added a metal circle like mine on to pants; some where empty and others had something hanging from them (I think they were coats or jackets.) I am surprised that this never became a trend because first of all it’s a really cool detail and second it’s super smart. Say you want to take off your lightweight jacket when walking around in a mall, hang it on the metal circle (add it to the back of your jeans or belt if it’s annoying to have in the front.) If you’re tired of carrying a bag with keys, card and phone, find or make a small bag and hang it on to the metal circle. I could go on and on but I think I have written enough already. (wait I just realized that those responsible for a large amount of keys actually have similar metal circles on their belt.. I think it’s time to steal their idea)

Today I’m wearing my newest jeans from Cubus, a black braided belt from Lindex and a metal circle taken from a second hand bag I bought a few days ago. I paired it with my black button up shirt from Forever 21, a skinny scarf, silver rings, the pearl earrings you saw me make yesterday (check it out) and boots from Monki. (Hanging from the metal circle is a lightweight duster from Ginatricot.)

By the way I’m so happy it’s Friday already! I’m going to a second hand store today (possibly two) and hopefully I’ll find something this time.

Have an amazing Friday!


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Layered Denim

The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was the blue sky with only a few clouds (not very clearly though because this was before I put in my contact lenses..) and I was so happy. Getting out of bed seemed so much easier although I was very comfortable in my bed. The sun is shining through the window as I’m writing this and I’m so happy that spring is just around corner.

Today I’m wearing a basic v neck from Forever 21 underneath my denim dress bought second hand. I couldn’t decide how or if I should wear my denim shirt over so I decided to show you all three options. I am very happy to say that I’m skipping the denim shirt today because I’m feeling a bit to warm (YAY!), but I really like all three options.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the sun if it’s shining where you are as well!


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It’s only Tuesday and I’m already exhausted, I could really use a vacation right now but at least spring is closing in. When I think of spring I think of colors but also neutrals; like I’m wearing today. I have always loved neutral colors because they always look so good. Even though you can wear colors like these during the whole year (you can with any color of course, but I guess we all have an idea of when colors should be worn) it looks so fresh during spring paired up with other neutrals or with white.

Today I’m wearing a long sleeveless shirt in a light nude color from Forever 21 underneath a knitted sweater (bought second hand) in a dark taupe color. I paired it with my black skinny jeans, lace up booties, gold earrings and rings.

Hope you have a good Tuesday!


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Odd Molly & Thigh Highs

Hope your Monday is good so far, mine sure is and I am so happy today because the sun is shining and because there are already a few flowers growing in the garden.

Today I’m wearing a basic v neck from Asos, a second hand skirt, an Odd Molly cardigan and thigh high boots. For jewelry I’m wearing a simple velvet choker and my pom pom earring.

Thanks for reading!


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