Pink, Orange and Yellow

I usually don’t wear bright colors that often unless it’s red but when the summer approaches I begin to feel like it more and more. This year I feel like color more than ever and some of them are colors that I rarely feel like. I thought I’d share my current favorite’s and to do that I put together an outfit for each color. For more information about the products just click the collages.


Like for many other girls there was a time in my childhood when I was crazy about pink. Maybe because of this along with “girls are supposed to wear pink and boys are supposed to wear blue” I have began to dislike pink over the years. Then there is the fact that my warm skin tone do not work with that many pink shades. But these past months I have began to feel like wearing pink. As you may have seen in one of my previous posts or on Instagram I even bought a pair of pink heels.



Orange is a difficult color and not everyone can pull it off and a lot of the time it’s difficult to see its beauty. But when you think of fresh oranges, the sunset and fall leaves you can see it so clearly. I feel like buying a pair of orange jeans or maybe a pair of heels..



Out of these three colors yellow is the one color that I always have loved. It makes me happy and I even if I don’t wear it a lot I always come back to it. A simple yellow bag would be a nice addition to my bag collection (It’s not that big, I’m more in to shoes.)


If any, what bright colors do you feel like wearing? If there is a specific color you’ll probably only feel like wearing during the summer you could buy a bikini or swimsuit in that color.

Have lovely day!




On My Shopping List

This is what my shopping list currently looks like, it’s not all of it (of course) but it’s most of it. I did notice that the long shirt is no longer in stock but there are other colors. When it comes to the mesh blouse I can’t decide whether I should buy this one above or this one. The mules are so beautiful and I’m not sure I can live without them.

Do you have a shopping list? If not you should consider writing one. When I’m writing a shopping list I look through all places where I see things I want (blogs, stores, shops, photos, magazines and the latest trends), write them down and then I look through the list removing things I don’t really love as I go.

Have a lovely day!


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Vetements x Manolo Blahnik

The shoe collection by Vetements x Manolo Blahnik is something you might have heard about already but I had to make a post about it anyway. Once I heard about this collection I started making sets on Polyvore and as time passed I loved it more and more. Although the shoes are to expensive for me I like to dream and the’re certainly fit for a dream with their beautiful colors and design elements.

If you want to treat yourself you can order the shoes here.

The pictures are from Net-a-porter and

Here are the sets I have made so far with the shoes and you can click them for more details.


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3 Shoe Trends

Out of all the trends of the season; these are my favorite shoe trends and if I could buy all of these shoes below; I would. Which do you like the most?

The low block heel is everywhere right now thanks to the originals by Chanel. The’re comfy, flattering and elegant; what’s not to like about them?

The mules are also everywhere and there are hundreds of different options. They are basically any shoe with an open heel and they can be so comfy and easy to just slip into.

So this last shoe trend is by far my favorite and I constantly searching for the perfect pair. The v neck shoe is basically a shoe with a v shaped cut and they usually have a pointed toe as you can see above but I prefer the square toe (but those seem to be difficult to find.) Either way the v neck shoes are gorgeous and I will let you know when I find the perfect pair which should look like these (but cost less)

Have fun shoe-shopping! (Not a problem)

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