Updated Classics: Pearls And Plaid




Classics, the kind of pieces that most people should own, simply because they’re timeless. You can easily pair them with current trends as well as with other classics. Whether we’re talking about the LBD, the trench coat or the black pumps, they can all be updated with different materials and details.



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Holiday Party Outfits: Sequins & Glitter

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I can’t believe it’s December already! This year has gone by so fast and I am ready for the next. My plans are to start making videos which I will add to my posts as well as on my Youtube channel. I have always wanted to make Youtube videos and I think it’s about time I started. These videos would involve the same things as my blog: outfits and diy’s, but it might also include other things like: makeup, art and other things I love (like singing and painting.)

Before I start I’ll need to learn how to edit videos, decide on music, background setting, sound, light and everything else I can’t think of right now. But I’m really excited so it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going 😉


Party In Glitter, Pants, Prints And Velvet

Back to my Holiday Party Outfits series. I have made two new glitter filled outfits for today’s post and one of them includes my brand new pumps. Keep scrolling for more..

For today’s post I am showing you my last two holiday party outfits. If you missed the other ones; click the links below:


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Packing for Malta: 4 Day Outfits

Like I wrote yesterday; I am still working on my outfits but some of them are almost finished. Today I thought I’d show you some day outfits and I plan to wear these lace up sandals below with all of them (unless I decide to bring another pair.)

The sandals are from Daisy Street although I bought them on Asos and I am so in love with them. I have wanted a pair of sandals like these for a long time and I regret I didn’t buy a pair sooner because so far I haven’t found a single piece they don’t look amazing with.

DSC_0054 (20)

The first outfit is the one I’m not completely sure about because of the shorts. I do like them but because the’re so tight without stretch it’s horrible to put them back on over a wet bikini and salt covered skin. I ordered a denim skirt from Zara recently so I might bring that instead.

DSC_0056 (16)

The second outfit is so simple and classic; a white t-shirt, black shorts (and they are super stretchy by the way..) and a belt. My amazing sandals completes the look and I am definitely wearing this.

This third outfit is one of my favorites because the color combination and the relaxed feel. Once again the sandals completes the outfit and if I had to wear one outfit everyday this would be it.

DSC_0101 (7)

The last outfit I wasn’t so sure about at first but now I love it. I paired my lace shorts with my black bikini from H&M underneath a lace kimono. The sandals look amazing with this look as well and I’m considering to wear the kimono in the evening as well.

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Packing for Malta: 4 Evening Outfits

I’m not quite finished with all the outfits I plan to wear on Malta but some of them just needs some adjustments and I’ll need to consider how much I really need. What I know for sure is that I’ll be wearing these floral sandals below in the evenings so it’s important that I can pair them with everything.

I thought I’d show you some of the outfits I’m considering to wear in the evenings and these four is only a few of the ideas that I have.

DSC_0003 (19)DSC_0037 (16)

This slip dress is the only one here that I’m not completely sure that I’ll be taking with me. I do love this and it was only yesterday that I thought of wearing my lace shorts underneath (because it’s just a little bit to short.) The color also matches the floral embroidery on the shoes perfectly. But whether I bring this dress or not remains to be seen.

DSC_0021 (17)

I have showed you this one shoulder top before and I did buy it partially because I wanted a new top for Malta. I certainly don’t regret buying it and i’m definitely taking it with me.

The midi skirt I am also planning to wear in the evening but I have decided to wear it on the plane paired with my mules and a basic cami. This will save a little space in my luggage.

DSC_0025 (18)DSC_0018 (18)

This turquoise dress I have had in my closet for years and I have never worn it. I figured it might be time and I think it would be perfect to wear in the evening. If it doesn’t look to fancy I might even wear it during the day over my bikini (without the belt.)

DSC_0007 (19)

This last dress I bought specifically for Malta but I am also planning to wear it over a T-shirt to dress it down a bit during colder days (In Sweden) and that was actually the reason I began search for a dress in the first place. I found this dress on sale on Asos and I am so glad that I did. The straps were unfortunately very long and I had to fix them as well as the slit in the front which was a little to high for me but that was an easy fix.

DSC_0003 (20)DSC_0004 (18)Tomorrow I’ll show you some day outfits with my lace up flat sandals and my new bikini. If you liked this post please follow, like and share and if you have any questions just ask me in the comment section below.

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7 Summer Outfits: A Week Of Summer

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Sweden and I feel really inspired. As I wrote a couple of posts ago I am using Sundays to plan the posts of the coming week. And when I read it through yesterday morning and saw that I had written “Thursday: A Week Of Summer” I thought: YES! It felt so right and I began to plan the outfits right away.

So today I’m sharing a whole week of outfits to give you some inspiration (and hopefully myself as well now that Malta is closing in.) Before I start I just had to share this picture of the most adorable hare that appears to be living under our large fir tree. It’s actually lying underneath one of our pine trees as I’m writing this (in the middle of the day) and I want to go out and hug it so badly! (sorry if the photo is blurry, it’s taken through a window.)

DSC_0010 (12)


DSC_0098 (6)


DSC_0113 (4)


DSC_0088 (9)


DSC_0062 (10)


DSC_0071 (9)


DSC_0050 (11).JPG


DSC_0126 (2).JPG

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Comfortable & Chic

An easy way to look chic while wearing comfortable clothes is to grab your current favorite jeans, a top (preferably with some interesting detail) and a pair of comfortable yet elegant and pretty shoes. This makes for a very interesting mix of styles that always seems to work. Add some jewelry that you love (and make sure those are also comfortable to wear) and you’re ready to go.

This look has endless variations and it works throughout the year. Just pair it with a sweater and elegant boots during fall and winter and during summer you can wear shorts instead of jeans.

I know to some people this look is pretty obvious and because of this it’s easy to underestimate the beauty in such a simple look. I love simple things and sometimes that’s what makes a piece interesting. With well fitted pieces with carefully placed details you can create the most amazing outfits. If you love these sort of pieces you should check out Storets; they have the most beautiful things and although I haven’t bought anything yet I still love to look and get inspired. Looking at this site is like being in an art gallery where every piece is special.

DSC_0078 (8)

DSC_0077 (7)

DSC_0084 (8)

DSC_0066 (8).JPG

DSC_0090 (8).JPG

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Asymmetric Black and Silver

DSC_0011 (9)

Last night me and my family had dinner at Pinchos were you simply order the food via their app. You get notifications on your phone once it’s finshed and then the only downside; you need to go and get it yourself once it is. Other than that it was a really cozy place with the most amazing food. We had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back there again.

I wore my new asymmetric blouse and my new shoes from Zara. I paired it with my deconstructed jeans from Asos, a fringe clutch that I made myself, silver mismatched earrings and a bracelet from Thomas Sabo.

DSC_0107 (3)

DSC_0035 (8)

DSC_0078 (6)

DSC_0007 (8)

DSC_0018 (8)

Have a lovely day!