85 Unexpected Blog Post Ideas For Your Fashion Blog

*This post was originally posted on my new site; fashionpsychic.com


A Common Post, With New Ideas

Before I get into this post, I would like to point out that this type of post has been made many times before on other blogs (I’m aware, actually this partially the reason why I decided to make this post in the first place). This list contains my best ideas as well as those from other bloggers (below the list are some links to these blogs.) I wanted to give this kind of post a new perspective using my experience and I hope this will help other bloggers the way these sorts of posts help me whenever I struggle.85Ideas2The Struggle Of Regular Posts

As a blogger, I have come to realize just how important it is to have some sort of schedule. I like to have some idea of when I make my posts, how many I’m posting each week and on what days I post them. This is really helpful, but this also means you need to think of new posts regularly. Sometimes you simply don’t have ideas or inspiration for a post. This is where my long list of blog post ideas come in.85Ideas_edited2Many of the things on this list, I have tried out myself and the rest I hope to use some day in the future. If you know someone who would benefit from this list, make sure to share it with them!



These are my very best blog post ideas for your fashion blog:

  1. OOTD
  2. Shopping list (All the things you want the coming season or right now)
  3. Coming trends (Some of them are obvious but, others, not so much)
  4. Current trends (which ones are you trying out?)
  5. Favorite trends (Or trends you don’t like, but I’m not particularly fond of negative posts)
  6. How to wear a specific trend
  7. Capsule closet
  8. Pieces everyone should have in their closet
  9. Accessories or jewelry, you should have in your closet
  10. Interesting details to add to your outfits
  11. Holiday outfits
  12. Party outfits
  13. Vacation outfits
  14. What to pack for: ___
  15. How to pack different things
  16. Things to buy right now
  17. Favorite items in store (or online) right now
  18. Inspiring Polyvore sets (created by you or someone else)
  19. Outfit ideas using Polyvore (I like to use it as a free form collage)
  20. List posts (like this one)
  21. How to wear ____
  22. Show off your new pieces
  23. Fashion DIY’s (I do a lot of these)
  24. Challenge yourself by thinking of several outfits, using only a few pieces
  25. Styling one piece in 7 ways (one for each day of the week)
  26. Your best styling advice
  27. Fashion rules
  28. Fashion rules: made to be broken
  29. How to make an outfit look expensive
  30. Your favorite places to shop
  31. How to buy the right things
  32. Writing a shopping list/shopping guide
  33. Figuring out your style
  34. Finding the right basics for you
  35. Second hand shopping guide (see mine here)
  36. Stores to visit in different countries or cities
  37. Places to find outfit inspiration
  38. Inspiring fashion blogs (share what blogs you like to visit for inspiration)
  39. Transform outfits from Day to Night
  40. A Lookbook
  41. A Moodboard
  42. Favorite fashion pics from Instagram
  43. Outfits for different temperatures
  44. Outfits for different things such as: Festivals, the zoo, amusement parks and safari
  45. Giveaway
  46. Your favorite shows during fashion week
  47. Designer vs Budget, let people guess in the comments which piece is designer and which one is budget. Reveal it in a coming post (this is a great way to keep your readers coming back)
  48. Things in your closet you use over and over again
  49. Your go to outfits
  50. Your best advice on closet cleaning
  51. click here for the rest of it list 😉 (this link will take you to my new site)

Some of the ideas for this list came from Poor Little Blogger, Who Is Mocca? and Kotryna Bass.




A Mood Board

Some days I struggle to find something to blog about and today was one of those days. In the future I’m definitely going to create a list of ideas for blog posts to give myself any other blogger inspiration.

After realizing you can’t use photos from google unless it’s legal (or ask the owner if can use them) I thought I’ll just have to use my own, or in this case I took pictures with my camera specifically for this post. So after a lot of thinking I realized I have never created a mood board on my blog, so that’s what I decided to do.

The pictures were taken in my home and some of the things in the picture I have made myself.


Have a lovely day!


Star Print & Gold

If you saw my Instagram yesterday you know I had to change clothes because of the heat and since it was at the last second I didn’t have time for pictures. But because I really loved the outfit I had on at first I’m gonna show you those pictures today. The dress I’m wearing I bought from Asos a couple of years ago and I recently made some changes to make it more wearable. Below is the product picture and as you can see it originally had a deeper v-neck but like I said it’s more wearable now.



I paired this beautiful dress with a black long vest that I’ve had for a long time and it’s so useful because you can truly add it to any outfit and the blue lining is a beautiful bonus. For jewelry I chose two gold necklaces and a pair of gold earrings. For shoes I simply added my favorite booties.

DSC_0081 (7)

DSC_0025 (10)

DSC_0091 (7)

DSC_0061 (9)

DSC_0031 (10)

I’ve done some reading about WordPress.com and I am now considering to change to WordPress.org. It sounds like a better option after reading this article. We’ll see how it goes but before I make any decisions I’m gonna do some more reading.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Culottes & T-shirt

I’m working hard on my new blog at WordPress and if everything goes as planned this is the last regular blog post on Nouw. If you were using the adress https://fashionpsychic.com/ before to get to my blog then it’s not much of a difference for you but if you go through Nouw you will only see the old posts. You can visit the new blog using the link but it’s a bit of a mess currently so I’m sorry for that. But like I said if all goes well it should all be good tomorrow.

Today I’m wearing a cat, no wait I’m just holding Prinsen.. I’m actually wearing this cool T-shirt from Romwe which is perfect when I’m feeling a bit angry (not that I am today, it just had the right colors, and also I’m studying french on Duolingo…) I paired this T-shirt with my culottes from Zara, my favorite booties, stud earrings and a red Glossybox ribbon worn as a choker.


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Bun & Fuzzy Sweater (Moving my blog?)

Before I talk about my outfit I would just like to give you a heads up that I have considered moving my blog for months now and I will probably do so very soon. Because of the many limits that Nouw has I won’t be able to develop my blog as much I would like if I were to stay. My plans are to move over to WordPress and I hope that those of you who read my blog would still like to do so.

But for now I would like to tell you about my outfit. I’m wearing a fuzzy sweater that I bought second hand the same time I bought the jeans I’m wearing. I added a choker and stud earrings, for shoes I went for my zip up booties and too top the look of I styled my hair into a bun. Have a lovely day!


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