85 Unexpected Blog Post Ideas For Your Fashion Blog

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A Common Post, With New Ideas

Before I get into this post, I would like to point out that this type of post has been made many times before on other blogs (I’m aware, actually this partially the reason why I decided to make this post in the first place). This list contains my best ideas as well as those from other bloggers (below the list are some links to these blogs.) I wanted to give this kind of post a new perspective using my experience and I hope this will help other bloggers the way these sorts of posts help me whenever I struggle.85Ideas2The Struggle Of Regular Posts

As a blogger, I have come to realize just how important it is to have some sort of schedule. I like to have some idea of when I make my posts, how many I’m posting each week and on what days I post them. This is really helpful, but this also means you need to think of new posts regularly. Sometimes you simply don’t have ideas or inspiration for a post. This is where my long list of blog post ideas come in.85Ideas_edited2Many of the things on this list, I have tried out myself and the rest I hope to use some day in the future. If you know someone who would benefit from this list, make sure to share it with them!



These are my very best blog post ideas for your fashion blog:

  1. OOTD
  2. Shopping list (All the things you want the coming season or right now)
  3. Coming trends (Some of them are obvious but, others, not so much)
  4. Current trends (which ones are you trying out?)
  5. Favorite trends (Or trends you don’t like, but I’m not particularly fond of negative posts)
  6. How to wear a specific trend
  7. Capsule closet
  8. Pieces everyone should have in their closet
  9. Accessories or jewelry, you should have in your closet
  10. Interesting details to add to your outfits
  11. Holiday outfits
  12. Party outfits
  13. Vacation outfits
  14. What to pack for: ___
  15. How to pack different things
  16. Things to buy right now
  17. Favorite items in store (or online) right now
  18. Inspiring Polyvore sets (created by you or someone else)
  19. Outfit ideas using Polyvore (I like to use it as a free form collage)
  20. List posts (like this one)
  21. How to wear ____
  22. Show off your new pieces
  23. Fashion DIY’s (I do a lot of these)
  24. Challenge yourself by thinking of several outfits, using only a few pieces
  25. Styling one piece in 7 ways (one for each day of the week)
  26. Your best styling advice
  27. Fashion rules
  28. Fashion rules: made to be broken
  29. How to make an outfit look expensive
  30. Your favorite places to shop
  31. How to buy the right things
  32. Writing a shopping list/shopping guide
  33. Figuring out your style
  34. Finding the right basics for you
  35. Second hand shopping guide (see mine here)
  36. Stores to visit in different countries or cities
  37. Places to find outfit inspiration
  38. Inspiring fashion blogs (share what blogs you like to visit for inspiration)
  39. Transform outfits from Day to Night
  40. A Lookbook
  41. A Moodboard
  42. Favorite fashion pics from Instagram
  43. Outfits for different temperatures
  44. Outfits for different things such as: Festivals, the zoo, amusement parks and safari
  45. Giveaway
  46. Your favorite shows during fashion week
  47. Designer vs Budget, let people guess in the comments which piece is designer and which one is budget. Reveal it in a coming post (this is a great way to keep your readers coming back)
  48. Things in your closet you use over and over again
  49. Your go to outfits
  50. Your best advice on closet cleaning
  51. click here for the rest of it list 😉 (this link will take you to my new site)

Some of the ideas for this list came from Poor Little Blogger, Who Is Mocca? and Kotryna Bass.




Updated Classics: Pearls And Plaid




Classics, the kind of pieces that most people should own, simply because they’re timeless. You can easily pair them with current trends as well as with other classics. Whether we’re talking about the LBD, the trench coat or the black pumps, they can all be updated with different materials and details.



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Holiday Party Outfits: Sequins & Glitter

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I can’t believe it’s December already! This year has gone by so fast and I am ready for the next. My plans are to start making videos which I will add to my posts as well as on my Youtube channel. I have always wanted to make Youtube videos and I think it’s about time I started. These videos would involve the same things as my blog: outfits and diy’s, but it might also include other things like: makeup, art and other things I love (like singing and painting.)

Before I start I’ll need to learn how to edit videos, decide on music, background setting, sound, light and everything else I can’t think of right now. But I’m really excited so it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going 😉


Party In Glitter, Pants, Prints And Velvet

Back to my Holiday Party Outfits series. I have made two new glitter filled outfits for today’s post and one of them includes my brand new pumps. Keep scrolling for more..

For today’s post I am showing you my last two holiday party outfits. If you missed the other ones; click the links below:


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A Smart Way To Pack Your Jewelry

I have always had problems with packing and one of the most annoying things to pack are jewelry. If you put everything in a small purse or makeup bag you usually end up with a big lump of jewelry making it impossible to take out that one necklace you need. I love organizing, space saving storage and smart ways to pack so I am always looking for the best ideas.

A few years ago I got this idea:

DSC_0002 (26)

I made myself a jewelry roll up to keep my jewelry in while I’m traveling and although it might need some improvement I love using it and it’s super easy to find what I’m looking for.

I added pockets (one with a zipper), loops with buttons to add bracelets and necklaces, fabric pieces to attach earrings and a stuffed long “pillow” for my rings. It’s actually a fun process to add everything and then you just roll it up, tie the ribbons and add bangles and bracelets to make sure they keep their shape.

If you have any ideas of how to pack smart please share in the comments, I love to try new things. If you liked this post please follow, like and share!

DSC_0014 (26)DSC_0012 (21)DSC_0007 (26)As you may know I have gotten ready for Malta the past couple of weeks and tomorrow is the day we’re leaving. This means that I won’t post here on my blog for a while but if you’re interested you can follow me on Instagram where I’ll post daily (maybe even more than once a day) all about what we’re up to while we’re there. Once I’m back I’ll share my photos, experiences (and new things that I have bought.)

I hope you have an amazing couple of weeks!


What I Have In My Travel Purse (on the plane)

DSC_0004 (23).JPG

Since we’re heading towards Malta in couple of days I decided to pack my travel purse were I have all of the things I need on the plane as well as my tickets and passport. I decided use my cheetah printed bag because it was the perfect size. Based on my experience I have gathered the things I need the most on the plane.

The things that I have in my bag is:

  • A book recommended by my book loving sister Julia who lives on Malta. Kate Mosse “The Mistletoe Bride”
  • Passport with a passport holder from Aliexpress
  • Black cat eye sunglasses
  • Pencil case with pencils, erasers and a sharpener
  • Cozy warm leopard print socks
  • New headphones from Urbanears in Tomato red

DSC_0018 (23)

  • Charger
  • Iphone 6
  • Lip balm from Yves Rocher
  • Notebook with lined and blank pages (so I’m able to write and draw) from Rituals.
  • A gold mirror

DSC_0024 (21).JPG

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Have a lovely day!




What To Wear On A Shopping Spree

What’s the most important thing about your outfit when you’re going shopping? Looking like Carrie Bradshaw is my first response; but in reality walking around in gorgeous stiletto heels is not ideal when you’re out on a shopping spree. I can’t believe I just said that but unfortunately it’s the truth. So what is an ideal shopping outfit?

  • You need to feel comfortable so that you’re able to focus on what you’re doing instead of how short your skirt is or how much your sweater itches.
  • You’ll need to wear clothes that are easy to take of in case you decide to try things out before buying them; so stretchy and loose clothes are perfect.
  • You need to be able to move around; to look closely on the lower shelves or racks you need to bend or squat and if your wearing a mini skirt or dress that’s not exactly an ideal position and tight jeans are impossible squat in if the’re not stretchy enough.
  • If your walking around in stores for hours the last thing you want is for your feet to start hurting and I can promise you that they will eventually even if you’re wearing comfortable heels.
  • Another important thing with your shoes is that they also need to be easy to take off, it’s not fun having classic sneakers that you need to tie and untie whenever your trying something out.
  • You will also need a bag that holds only the things you need, is easy to get in to and is easy to carry around (I would normally go for a cross body bag, so my fur bag isn’t ideal but it’s very light and I can wear it on my arm.)

So with all these things in mind I created this outfit with only comfortable pieces that are easy to move around in. To sum it up the best thing would be to wear a long skirt or dress that you can easily move in (you don’t even need to take it off if you’re trying out jeans or pants) and a pair of ballet flats, slip ons or slip on sneakers.

DSC_0087 (11)DSC_0091 (10)DSC_0083 (12)DSC_0078 (16)DSC_0037 (21)DSC_0057 (20)

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Have a fun shopping spree!


Dressing Down A Sequin Gown

DSC_0007 (24)

We celebrated Midsummer last night and I decided to wear my sequin dress for the first time (before I take with me to Malta.) To avoid being to fancy I dressed it down by wearing a white t-shirt underneath the dress (which you can find here by the way) and I paired it with my low slingback pumps from Zara. I also added my silver pearl earrings and then I styled my hair in a messy high ponytail to dress it down even further.

By pairing something fancy like a sequin dress with something relaxed or basic you’re able to balance the two too create a neutralized look which you can either dress down even further or dress up a bit for your desired level of fancy. I dressed my outfit down with a messy hairstyle but then I balanced the look with silver earrings. If I wanted my look to work as everyday wear I would simply swap my earrings for something more basic, let my hair down and wear more casual shoes such as boots, sneakers or flat sandals (flatforms would look amazing as well.)

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DSC_0013 (23)DSC_0055 (18)DSC_0027 (20)DSC_0069 (14)DSC_0047 (19)

Have a lovely day!