Dressing Down A Sequin Gown

DSC_0007 (24)

We celebrated Midsummer last night and I decided to wear my sequin dress for the first time (before I take with me to Malta.) To avoid being to fancy I dressed it down by wearing a white t-shirt underneath the dress (which you can find here by the way) and I paired it with my low slingback pumps from Zara. I also added my silver pearl earrings and then I styled my hair in a messy high ponytail to dress it down even further.

By pairing something fancy like a sequin dress with something relaxed or basic you’re able to balance the two too create a neutralized look which you can either dress down even further or dress up a bit for your desired level of fancy. I dressed my outfit down with a messy hairstyle but then I balanced the look with silver earrings. If I wanted my look to work as everyday wear I would simply swap my earrings for something more basic, let my hair down and wear more casual shoes such as boots, sneakers or flat sandals (flatforms would look amazing as well.)

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DSC_0013 (23)DSC_0055 (18)DSC_0027 (20)DSC_0069 (14)DSC_0047 (19)

Have a lovely day!



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