The Asymmetric Basic Top

I recently got this top from Asos and I love it, it’s a part of their own collection and they have it in black and white as well. I’d love to have those one day but for now I am happy with the one in grey.

A basic is obviously meant be simple and usually symmetrical but if you; like me prefer something different over classics this top is perfect. Just by pairing basic shorts with an asymmetrical top instead of a basic tank top the outfit becomes so much more unique and interesting.

I also added a long vest over my outfit and completed it with black and gold mules and gold jewelry. Read more about the necklace here.

My shoes from New Look which I plan to wear for the first time on Malta arrived today and I’ll show you pictures on Instagram later. If you like this post don’t forget to follow, like and share.

DSC_0034 (14)DSC_0054 (16)DSC_0044 (16)DSC_0045 (16)DSC_0046 (15)DSC_0078 (12)DSC_0077 (11)

Have an amazing day!



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