7 Summer Outfits: A Week Of Summer

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Sweden and I feel really inspired. As I wrote a couple of posts ago I am using Sundays to plan the posts of the coming week. And when I read it through yesterday morning and saw that I had written “Thursday: A Week Of Summer” I thought: YES! It felt so right and I began to plan the outfits right away.

So today I’m sharing a whole week of outfits to give you some inspiration (and hopefully myself as well now that Malta is closing in.) Before I start I just had to share this picture of the most adorable hare that appears to be living under our large fir tree. It’s actually lying underneath one of our pine trees as I’m writing this (in the middle of the day) and I want to go out and hug it so badly! (sorry if the photo is blurry, it’s taken through a window.)

DSC_0010 (12)


DSC_0098 (6)


DSC_0113 (4)


DSC_0088 (9)


DSC_0062 (10)


DSC_0071 (9)


DSC_0050 (11).JPG


DSC_0126 (2).JPG

I’ll be back again tomorrow with a DIY! Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow. Have a lovely day!






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