Comfortable & Chic

An easy way to look chic while wearing comfortable clothes is to grab your current favorite jeans, a top (preferably with some interesting detail) and a pair of comfortable yet elegant and pretty shoes. This makes for a very interesting mix of styles that always seems to work. Add some jewelry that you love (and make sure those are also comfortable to wear) and you’re ready to go.

This look has endless variations and it works throughout the year. Just pair it with a sweater and elegant boots during fall and winter and during summer you can wear shorts instead of jeans.

I know to some people this look is pretty obvious and because of this it’s easy to underestimate the beauty in such a simple look. I love simple things and sometimes that’s what makes a piece interesting. With well fitted pieces with carefully placed details you can create the most amazing outfits. If you love these sort of pieces you should check out Storets; they have the most beautiful things and although I haven’t bought anything yet I still love to look and get inspired. Looking at this site is like being in an art gallery where every piece is special.

DSC_0078 (8)

DSC_0077 (7)

DSC_0084 (8)

DSC_0066 (8).JPG

DSC_0090 (8).JPG

Have a lovely day!





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