Asymmetric Black and Silver

DSC_0011 (9)

Last night me and my family had dinner at Pinchos were you simply order the food via their app. You get notifications on your phone once it’s finshed and then the only downside; you need to go and get it yourself once it is. Other than that it was a really cozy place with the most amazing food. We had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back there again.

I wore my new asymmetric blouse and my new shoes from Zara. I paired it with my deconstructed jeans from Asos, a fringe clutch that I made myself, silver mismatched earrings and a bracelet from Thomas Sabo.

DSC_0107 (3)

DSC_0035 (8)

DSC_0078 (6)

DSC_0007 (8)

DSC_0018 (8)

Have a lovely day!





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