DIY: Feather & Tassel Key-chains

I am currently working on a lot of DIY’s at the same time and among them is a bag. I don’t know when I will finish but because I wanted some key-chains to add to the bag (or any bag) I decided to make a separate post about how I made them.

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DSC_0096 (1)

I’m gonna start with the tassel key chain and for that you’ll need the things in the picture and scissors which I forgot to add.

DSC_0007 (1)

I started by cutting the fake leather in a somewhat rectangle shape and then I began to cut fringes and if you want you can measure and be more thorough than me (which is pretty easy to be.)

Then I tied my leather ribbon in to a loop and added it with some glue on the inside of the fake leather.

Then I began to roll the fake leather adding glue as I went.

I used some mini clothing pins to keep it together while the glued dried. While I waited for the glue to dry I took some more leather ribbon, measured and cut a piece that would fit around the base of the tassel and then I sewed the ends together.

Finally I glued the leather loop to the base and added the jump ring and the key chain clasp.

To create the feather key chain I used the things in the picture below as well as scissors and pins.

DSC_0005 (1)

The first thing I did was to paint the the styrofoam ball black in case the feather trim doesn’t cover it completely. Then I added my eye pin through the center of the ball

and then I bent it at the end to keep it from sliding out. Then I started to glue the feather trim to the ball taking a few pieces at a time. At first I used small clothing pins to keep it in place but then I used pins which worked so much better.

Finally when the glue had dried I removed the pins and attached the jump ring and key chain clasp to the loop of the eye pin. I also cut some of the feather trim away to create a more rounded shape.

Here are the results:

DSC_0103 (1)

Have a lovely day!



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