Black Layers


Because I felt extra creative today I decided to do something fun with my hair and I ended up making two buns on each side. I think it turned out pretty cool and cute at the same time. The whole look feels like a mix of punk and harajuku, I love it. What do you think?

As might have noticed in the pictures I wasn’t sure about what shoes to pair with the look but I think I prefer the classic pumps. 

To create this layered look (which is my favorite type of look) I wore black culottes with slits and a dress/top also with slits. I wore the top as a one shoulder top and pinned the sleeve to the side of the top. This is a really fun way to update a top or dress without doing anything permanent. In this particular look I liked the way the sleeve looks because it adds to the layered effect but if you’d rather hide it; there are ways to do that as well.

I am currently planning tomorrow’s post and I think I may have figured out what it will be about…

Have an amazing Friday! I’m heading off to the mall to get a frapino and then I’m continuing with all of my planning and projects. I can’t believe I am finally finishing school in a couple weeks, freedom at last!



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