I Made A Crop Top With A Built In Bra

DSC_0092 (15)

Whenever I am wearing a low cut top (at the back or at the front, or even on the sides), a top with thin straps or any other one where you risk showing you bra; I’m not sure how to solve my problem other than wearing something else. I always wear a bra, I prefer push-up but they don’t work so well strapless and the adhesive bras scare me. I’m sure there are solutions that would work for me but in the end wearing a bra underneath a crop top with seams underneath the bust can look awkward.

This may not solve all the other problems I have but to solve the crop top problem I made my own crop top with a built in bra.

I took an old black push-up bra from H&M that I stopped wearing once I bought a new black one (same thing with the one I have in white.) I added the bra to my dress form and began to pin black fabric to it. As I went I took it off to sew together different pieces, added some elastic band to the back and that was it. It did take me a while but it was definitely worth it!

I can’t wait to wear this crop top and am definitely bringing this on our Malta trip this year. If you don’t know how to style a crop top you can check out this post for some inspiration.

DSC_0059 (24)

Because the crop top turned out so well and because I have a white bra waiting to be used as well; I decided to make another crop top. I have only started making this but you’ll see the results once it’s finished.

Once I had added the bra to the dress form I cut off the straps along with the areas at the top to shape it like a strapless bra. I then started to cover it with a white denim fabric. The plan is for it to look something like this. I can’t wait to finish this top and if it turns out the way I want I am definitely bring this with me to Malta as well!


I hope I have inspired you to create things, I just love the idea to make things you really want instead of buying them. I actually have a project planned in the future, it’s definitely a long term project but it’s gonna be worth it. I am still waiting for all the things to arrive but once they do I’ll let you know more about it.

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