Basic Packing Guide

Over the years I have learned a lot from my packing mistakes such as; packing things I’ve never worn or properly tried out, pieces in way to many colors (and ending up with things that doesn’t match.) The list goes on and on but thanks to these mistakes I have gotten a lot better at packing and I thought I’d share the way I think when I pack and how to avoid problems when you arrive at your destination.

The first thing I always start with when it comes to packing is to make a checklist. I like to take my time with this because it tends to be really difficult to think of everything right away; it’s always much more than you think it’ll be. The more thorough you are with the list the better. The last thing you do before you zip up your suitcase is to read through the checklist and if every tiny little detail isn’t on it it’s likely that you’ll forget it.

DSC_0004 (23)

When it comes to clothes I like to plan my outfits a head, trying to use some pieces more than once. I like to think of two outfits for each day; one for day and one for night. Once you’ve arrived you can choose which outfit to wear on what day depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Some things I always bring when we travel to warmer countries and among these things are:

  • A large beach bag
  • A small cross body bag (that works to carry and protect your cards, money and phone both night and day)
  • A few pieces of jewelry that goes with everything, I like to choose gold statement pieces.
  • A pair of heels (height depends on how much I’ll be walking)
  • A pair of flat sandals (make sure the’re comfortable if you do plan to walk.)
  • A Bikini is pretty obvious but having 2 makes it more fun and you can take it off during the day and if it’s still wet when you want to use it again you can just take the other one.
  • Think about what you’re wearing when you’re on the plane; you’ll need a jacket or sweater because it’s usually cold on the plane (on the last trip I brought socks and I was so glad that I did) and consider if you can wear a top or maxi dress that you’re able to wear once you arrive as well.
  • I like to bring basic pieces of clothing and then dress them up with jewelry and accessories.
  • Bring basic underwear; skin colored, white and black.

DSC_0016 (26)

That was my basic packing guide I hope it will be helpful the next time you’re packing. Don’t forget to comment, like and share!

Have fun packing!




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