6 Outfits With A Bikini Top Or Crop Top

If you have a bikini top like mine you might not have realized this before but you can actually use it as a crop top. Today I’m showing you how to create outfits with a bikini top or crop top (but you can also use a swimsuit.)

Personally I am more comfortable when the crop top is a bit longer than this bikini top that I’m wearing and if you are too there are ways to feel more covered up. If you want to use a crop top instead that works just as well with these outfits.

Lace Blouse

This first way is to layer a sheer blouse over the top and this allows you too show the lace details and also not be completely covered (if it’s a bit warm.) You can pair this look with whatever you like but I chose my black culottes, leopard pumps and a pom pom earring.


Here I layered a blazer over my bikini top and I paired it with jeans for a cool mix of different styles. To do something different with the styling I tucked my blazer in to my jeans. I also added a choker and black pumps.

Embroidered Jacket

In this outfit I wore my embroidered skirt and long jacket set from H&M. The high waist, the covering jacket and the booties balances the outfit (making it look more tasteful while wearing a bikini top and a mini skirt.) Finally I added a big gold necklace.

Long High Waist Skirt

DSC_0084 (13)

In this outfit I paired the top with a long high waist skirt. With this covering piece you can wear the top as it is without feeling like you’re not covered enough. I paired this outfit with this flower and leaf earring that I made recently.


Corset Belt

If you have a belt as wide as mine (it doesn’t have to be with a lace up detail) you can add it over the top and make it look like it’s actually part of it. It looks better if the belt has a similar finish as the top but it works either way. I paired it with my metallic pants, black heeled sandals and my mismatched earrings (see how I made them here)

High Waist Jeans

In this last outfit I wore the top as it is and once again if you’re not so comfortable to wear a top like this a couple of extra inches would make a big difference and most crop tops are a bit longer than my bikini top. I paired the top with high waist jeans with a relaxed fit, my black pointed pumps to which I added black ribbons and finally I added my large silver pearl earrings.

If you are wearing a top like these where it’s really warm you can of course wear it with high waist denim shorts and sandals; and you’re ready to have a drink before you head to the beach.

I hope you got some inspiration!




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