Closet Organizing

I love to organize my things and i love to think of new ways to save space. An example is my closet and because it’s not a big walk in closet with a lot of hanging space (which I would love to have someday) I always need to think of the best ways to save space and keep it looking neat and organized at the same time.

What I decided to write about today are a few ideas of how I do this and if you have any great ideas as well feel free to comment about it!

I’ll begin with this nifty way to save hanging space using chain, hooks or pop tabs. You might have seen this trick before but it’s so useful I had to incorporate it in this post. I use an old chain which I have taken apart and I like to stack pants, skirts and co-ords but you can use this technique for anything.

DSC_0007 (17)

Something to invest in when it comes to closet organizing are good hangers that takes as little space as possible. I purchase a few packs at a time and the goal is to swap all of my mixed hangers for this hanger below. It’s thin but sturdy and it’s covered with velvet. With velvet hangers you’ll never want to go back to regular hangers because anything you hang on them stays on it. I even find that it’s hard to pull things off the hanger sometimes (which is a big difference from the regular kind where things fall of if you just graze it…) I can’t tell you how helpful it is with these hangers now the only thing I have to solve is what I should use for pants and skirts… I have actually never seen good hangers for bottoms but if you have please let me know.

DSC_0014 (14).JPG

Finding space for all my shoes has always been a challenge and I am still struggling. If you have shelf space but you find there is always at least one pair that just won’t fit you can usually make room for one more pair (which is just enough when it’s just one pair that won’t fit) by placing your shoes like I have. Just take a pair of shoes, place them next each other with the front facing you, then simply turn one of them around. Do the same thing with the rest of your shoes and you will find there is extra space when your finished.

DSC_0025 (17)

Like I said before I wan’t to save space but at the same time I want it to look neat and I want to easily find what I’m looking for. To do this I color coordinate the things in my closet going from white to beige then yellow, orange, red, (pink and purple), blue, (teal and turquoise), green, grey and black. I also hang things based on sleeve length going from long to three quarter, short sleeve and then sleeveless and strapless.

DSC_0015 (18)

Another way to keep things neat is put away things you don’t use because of the season. For example it’s currently spring here (soon summer) so I have replaced the sandals in my shoe boxes with warm boots. The summer blouses, shorts and skirts in my boxes on the shelves in the closet have been replaced and the’re now filled with thick knits, leather, faux fur and flannel.


Hope you like this post, don’t forget to like and share!

Have fun organizing!



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