How To Look Taller

DSC_0058 (13)

Although I’m all for loving your body and accepting (and eventually loving) the things you don’t like so much about it; we don’t need to put ourselves down by enhancing these features even more. I am not the shortest person in the world obviously but I am not the tallest either (in fact I like to think I’m right between the two) but I really like the idea of appearing a bit taller. There are a lot of ways to trick the eye in to believing you’re taller than you actually are and I thought I’d share a couple of ways.

One way is to wear a long skirt like I am today, make sure the skirt is the right length and a high waist is also a good idea. Mine is ankle length and to enhance the appearance of being long even further I wore black shoes (the heel also helps) because a monochromatic look can also help with the length (even more so if the whole outfit is in one color.) I paired it with a cropped top to draw the eye towards the waist which is another way to appear taller.

When I was thinking about this topic and this outfit I’m wearing today I realized that by wearing pieces with slightly awkward lengths (like the’re “too short”) it appears as if you are so tall that your clothing is to short. Like I said before the’re are many ways to appear taller but these are all the ways I have today.  Hope you like it, don’t forget to comment, like and share!

DSC_0012 (12)DSC_0028 (17)DSC_0011 (12)

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