Pink, Orange and Yellow

I usually don’t wear bright colors that often unless it’s red but when the summer approaches I begin to feel like it more and more. This year I feel like color more than ever and some of them are colors that I rarely feel like. I thought I’d share my current favorite’s and to do that I put together an outfit for each color. For more information about the products just click the collages.


Like for many other girls there was a time in my childhood when I was crazy about pink. Maybe because of this along with “girls are supposed to wear pink and boys are supposed to wear blue” I have began to dislike pink over the years. Then there is the fact that my warm skin tone do not work with that many pink shades. But these past months I have began to feel like wearing pink. As you may have seen in one of my previous posts or on Instagram I even bought a pair of pink heels.



Orange is a difficult color and not everyone can pull it off and a lot of the time it’s difficult to see its beauty. But when you think of fresh oranges, the sunset and fall leaves you can see it so clearly. I feel like buying a pair of orange jeans or maybe a pair of heels..



Out of these three colors yellow is the one color that I always have loved. It makes me happy and I even if I don’t wear it a lot I always come back to it. A simple yellow bag would be a nice addition to my bag collection (It’s not that big, I’m more in to shoes.)


If any, what bright colors do you feel like wearing? If there is a specific color you’ll probably only feel like wearing during the summer you could buy a bikini or swimsuit in that color.

Have lovely day!




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