Star Print & Gold

If you saw my Instagram yesterday you know I had to change clothes because of the heat and since it was at the last second I didn’t have time for pictures. But because I really loved the outfit I had on at first I’m gonna show you those pictures today. The dress I’m wearing I bought from Asos a couple of years ago and I recently made some changes to make it more wearable. Below is the product picture and as you can see it originally had a deeper v-neck but like I said it’s more wearable now.



I paired this beautiful dress with a black long vest that I’ve had for a long time and it’s so useful because you can truly add it to any outfit and the blue lining is a beautiful bonus. For jewelry I chose two gold necklaces and a pair of gold earrings. For shoes I simply added my favorite booties.

DSC_0081 (7)

DSC_0025 (10)

DSC_0091 (7)

DSC_0061 (9)

DSC_0031 (10)

I’ve done some reading about and I am now considering to change to It sounds like a better option after reading this article. We’ll see how it goes but before I make any decisions I’m gonna do some more reading.

Enjoy your Saturday!



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