Trend: The Mini Bag

Yesterday this gorgeous mini bag from River Island arrived and it was more beautiful than I thought it would be. The mini bag is a huge trend right now and what’s so great is that they come in all shapes, it’s basically any bag in a small size. I love this trend because the’re just so cute and I their perfect during a shopping spree, especially the cross body bags. This one that I bought is perfect and if I know myself I will use this bag a lot.

But what’s so great about the mini bag? It’s perfect when you only need the most important things which in my world would be:

  • My iphone
  • Keys
  • Card or cash
  • Lip balm
  • And if possible I like to add tissues and a small mirror.

DSC_0009 (6)

Do you want your own mini bag? Check out these ones below that I picked out unless you’re planning to make your own (hmm.. maybe I should too?)

River Island




New Look


Forever 21redminibag.PNG





Have a lovely day!



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