My Newest Pieces

Today I thought I’d share some of my latest purchases and I am so excited to wear them. Some of these things I’ve had for a while but I haven’t gotten around to wearing them yet. I’m going to get into it right away.



I’ll start with these beauties from New Look which I’m planning to wear on my graduation and if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen these already. Unfortunately I can’t wear these shoes yet but I definitely will after the graduation. I must say I’m surprised that I loved these shoes so much that I bought them because i usually don’t like pink but they are so beautiful. I also love how the’re inspired by ballet slippers; I love ballet.




Moving on to my slip dresses from Asos this first is a classic black slip dress which I have wanted for a while. I also bought the same one in a nude color which I’ll talk about next. These dresses have a couple of details instead just being plain; which is something I appreciate although I do like the plain ones as well.



DSC_0077 (3)

The nude slip dress is very useful and it’s so gorgeous. It’s perfect for layering but it will also look amazing during summer with tan skin. Both of these dresses are perfect for summer and I am definitely bringing both to Malta this year.

DSC_0105 (2)


DSC_0015 (5)

Moving on to my latest purchase; my fake leather slip ons from Din Sko and I have wanted a pair like these for a long time so I though it was time now. I’m not sure of where they ship these in particular but these type of shoes are everywhere right now so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pair if you look around.

DSC_0017 (5)


DSC_0040 (5)

Finally I received this sweater from Yesstyle this week and I noticed that it was out of stock now. I have been looking for this kind of sweater for a long time and I’m so happy that I managed to find one. We’ll see if I’ll wear this anytime soon, if it’s too warm I’ll save it for fall.

DSC_0051 (5)


That’s it for today, have a lovely day!



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