DIY: Spiral Wire Earrings

DSC_0083 (16)

Hi! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I know I wrote yesterday that I would post pictures of the outfit I wore last night but things didn’t go as I planned, but on the other hand I ended up creating these beautiful earrings last night.

A while back I made a post about my love for wire wrapping and I thought I’d show you how to make these simple earrings using a basic technique within wire wrapping; coiling wire. Basically it means you wrap (usually) a thin wire around a thicker wire.

This technique is very easy but it can be time consuming. Here is a closeup of what it looks like:

DSC_0017 (26).JPG

To create these earrings you will need:

  • Thick and thin wire
  • Ear hooks
  • A set of pliers
  • Something to shape your wire around, I used makeup brushes.

DSC_0007 (28)

The first thing I did was to cut a piece of thick silver wire about 25 cm long and the gold thick wire about 45 cm long.

Then I made loops at the ends of the wire, I only did on one end at first but since I ended up making loops on both ends you might as well do it right away. One loop will be attached to the ear hook later and the other is to keep the end of the wire from snagging on your clothes or hair.

Then I started with the silver earring by coiling thin wire around the thick piece of wire and you’ll need a lot of thin wire (at least 2,5 meters) but I took about 130 cm at a time. As long as you make sure the ends doesn’t poke out it doesn’t matter if you have one long wire or a few shorter ones.

Once the coiling was done on the silver wire I shaped it around my makeup brushes and then attached the ear hook.

For the gold earring I only coiled about halfway (partially because I was lazy I’ll admit) to do something different.

DSC_0035 (25)

I then shaped the wire like I did on the silver earring and then I attached the ear hook, but on this one I added it to the other end of the spiral.

That was it and if you want other shapes you can look around your house and see what you could use to shape the wire around. The sky is the limit!

DSC_0070 (23).JPG

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Have a lovely day!





Hearts, Lips & Stars

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! Today is my moms birthday and since I’ll be wearing something different when we’re celebrating this afternoon I’m gonna post pictures of that outfit tomorrow.

You might have seen these jeans before but if you haven’t; you can see how I made them in this post. Today I am actually wearing these jeans for the first time and I paired them with a classic white t-shirt worn underneath a black lace cami. To match the jeans I paired them with a red lipstick. I added a simple choker and as a final touch I wore my leopard pumps.

Have a lovely day!



3 Current Trends

Today I thought I’d share 3 current trends and how you can style them. I wanted to incorporate the floral print mixing trend as well but that’s when I realized how few pieces I actually own with floral print. I am now in the search for a voluminous floral print blouse, possibly asymmetrical.

The trends I am sharing today are the flashdance shoulder, stripes on stripes and the wide belt. Let me know in the comment section which trend you like best and don’t forget to like and share!

The Flashdance Shoulder

DSC_0033 (24)

Starting with the first trend; the flashdance shoulder. The name comes from the musical movie flashdance (which I am embarrassed to say I have never seen) where from what I can see (on google) the lead actress wears gorgeous off the shoulder tops (just showing one shoulder.) This has now become a trend again and I have seen it a lot with button up blouses. What’s so great is that this trend doesn’t have to cost anything if you already have a button up blouse. In the pictures I paired my sheer white blouse with a white skort and nude pumps. You can simply pair it with denim shorts, lace up sandals and a choker and you have a gorgeous look.

Stripes on Stripes

The second trend is all about my favorite print; stripes and more stripes. This trend is exactly what it sounds like mixing pieces with stripes in different sizes, vertically or horizontally, the same colors or completely different. It’s all about going a little crazy and just having fun with it. Check out this set that I made on Polyvore a while back to get some inspiration (I also noticed I used a choker in that set similar to the one I showed you yesterday.) In the pictures I wore my striped skirt from Shein, a striped top with a mesh section at the top and my black pumps to which I added striped ribbons.

Wide Belt

DSC_0101 (12)

Finally we have the wide belt which doesn’t have to be a corset belt just in case you were wondering. A wide belt can be worn with almost anything and certainly adds something extra. Add it to a dress to define the waist and to make it more edgy or over a longer button up blouse, with jeans, pumps and statement earrings. Finally my favorite is to create a interesting layered look and then top it all of with a wide belt. An example of a layered look is the one I’m wearing in the pictures where I paired a LDB with a black duster coat, I added my corset belt with the lace up part at the back and then I let coat slid off of one shoulder. This is great example of an interesting all black outfit. With one shoulder showing it appears as if it is a one sided cold shoulder dress which also happens to be a growing trend.

Prinsen joined me during the photo shoot again and he certainly added to the stripes on stripes trend..

Have a lovely day!


Easy DIY: Flower Choker



DSC_0047 (24)

Let’s face it; chokers aren’t going away anytime soon and there are so many different options. To keep it interesting I like to think of new types of chokers, or get inspired by others and make my own. One way to change things up a bit is to make a choker like I am showing you today. You can use any color and pieces to make it your own.

This is a super easy but gorgeous choker that anyone can make, YES anyone. If you want to see how to make a choker like this keep reading.

You’re going to need:

  • A fabric choker (If you don’t have one I’ll show you how to make one here.)
  • A fabric flower, a pom pom or something else you would like to add (temporarily.) If you would like to use a brooch instead then you probably won’t need the next item.
  • A safety pin.

Start by adding the safety pin to the back of your flower (or whatever you’re adding to the choker) and leave some room on the safety pin. Then attach the safety pin to the choker where you want it to be. If you need to you can add more safety pins.

That’s it! And you can easily remove the flower whenever you want to add something else or if you want to wear the choker as it is.

DSC_0024 (24)

Have a lovely day!



I love monochromatic looks and one that I love a little bit more than the rest is a neutral layered look with gold or rose gold details. You can mix different shades of beige or nude, or you can wear mainly one shade (although finding several pieces in the same shade can be tricky.) What’s so great about these colors is that you’re able get a complete monochromatic look because your skin becomes a part of the look. Finish of with nude pumps to complete the look and to elongate your legs.

I created my look using a nude slip dress with layered fabric and over it I wore a sleeveless shirt dress in a similar shade. I added a studded belt in a warmer shade and a pair of studded pumps. I also added a studded cuff, a chain necklace and triangle stud earrings.

DSC_0076 (16)DSC_0069 (19)DSC_0026 (22)DSC_0079 (17)DSC_0062 (23)

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Basic Packing Guide

Over the years I have learned a lot from my packing mistakes such as; packing things I’ve never worn or properly tried out, pieces in way to many colors (and ending up with things that doesn’t match.) The list goes on and on but thanks to these mistakes I have gotten a lot better at packing and I thought I’d share the way I think when I pack and how to avoid problems when you arrive at your destination.

The first thing I always start with when it comes to packing is to make a checklist. I like to take my time with this because it tends to be really difficult to think of everything right away; it’s always much more than you think it’ll be. The more thorough you are with the list the better. The last thing you do before you zip up your suitcase is to read through the checklist and if every tiny little detail isn’t on it it’s likely that you’ll forget it.

DSC_0004 (23)

When it comes to clothes I like to plan my outfits a head, trying to use some pieces more than once. I like to think of two outfits for each day; one for day and one for night. Once you’ve arrived you can choose which outfit to wear on what day depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Some things I always bring when we travel to warmer countries and among these things are:

  • A large beach bag
  • A small cross body bag (that works to carry and protect your cards, money and phone both night and day)
  • A few pieces of jewelry that goes with everything, I like to choose gold statement pieces.
  • A pair of heels (height depends on how much I’ll be walking)
  • A pair of flat sandals (make sure the’re comfortable if you do plan to walk.)
  • A Bikini is pretty obvious but having 2 makes it more fun and you can take it off during the day and if it’s still wet when you want to use it again you can just take the other one.
  • Think about what you’re wearing when you’re on the plane; you’ll need a jacket or sweater because it’s usually cold on the plane (on the last trip I brought socks and I was so glad that I did) and consider if you can wear a top or maxi dress that you’re able to wear once you arrive as well.
  • I like to bring basic pieces of clothing and then dress them up with jewelry and accessories.
  • Bring basic underwear; skin colored, white and black.

DSC_0016 (26)

That was my basic packing guide I hope it will be helpful the next time you’re packing. Don’t forget to comment, like and share!

Have fun packing!



6 Outfits With A Bikini Top Or Crop Top

If you have a bikini top like mine you might not have realized this before but you can actually use it as a crop top. Today I’m showing you how to create outfits with a bikini top or crop top (but you can also use a swimsuit.)

Personally I am more comfortable when the crop top is a bit longer than this bikini top that I’m wearing and if you are too there are ways to feel more covered up. If you want to use a crop top instead that works just as well with these outfits.

Lace Blouse

This first way is to layer a sheer blouse over the top and this allows you too show the lace details and also not be completely covered (if it’s a bit warm.) You can pair this look with whatever you like but I chose my black culottes, leopard pumps and a pom pom earring.


Here I layered a blazer over my bikini top and I paired it with jeans for a cool mix of different styles. To do something different with the styling I tucked my blazer in to my jeans. I also added a choker and black pumps.

Embroidered Jacket

In this outfit I wore my embroidered skirt and long jacket set from H&M. The high waist, the covering jacket and the booties balances the outfit (making it look more tasteful while wearing a bikini top and a mini skirt.) Finally I added a big gold necklace.

Long High Waist Skirt

DSC_0084 (13)

In this outfit I paired the top with a long high waist skirt. With this covering piece you can wear the top as it is without feeling like you’re not covered enough. I paired this outfit with this flower and leaf earring that I made recently.


Corset Belt

If you have a belt as wide as mine (it doesn’t have to be with a lace up detail) you can add it over the top and make it look like it’s actually part of it. It looks better if the belt has a similar finish as the top but it works either way. I paired it with my metallic pants, black heeled sandals and my mismatched earrings (see how I made them here)

High Waist Jeans

In this last outfit I wore the top as it is and once again if you’re not so comfortable to wear a top like this a couple of extra inches would make a big difference and most crop tops are a bit longer than my bikini top. I paired the top with high waist jeans with a relaxed fit, my black pointed pumps to which I added black ribbons and finally I added my large silver pearl earrings.

If you are wearing a top like these where it’s really warm you can of course wear it with high waist denim shorts and sandals; and you’re ready to have a drink before you head to the beach.

I hope you got some inspiration!