The Ankle Chain

DSC_0201 (1)

Above I’m wearing these jeans, this top and these pumps (the other photo is Pernille Teisbaek and I swear did not look at this photo before I took my pictures although the jeans might suggest so. Although I do know she takes many pictures sitting in that particular spot.)

Something I really love right now is the ankle chain and you will see me wearing this a lot during summer. I’m so inspired by Pernille Teisbaek and her gorgeous ankle chain tattoo and I certainly wouldn’t mind having one myself. This trend is so beautiful, simple and anyone can wear it. You can add it to any outfit (preferably one where you show your ankles) whether it’s with sneakers or pumps, jeans or a dress it always looks good. In fact right now I’m considering whether you can wear it over tights.. I kinda like it. Another awesome thing about the ankle chain is that it’s easy to make; the one I’m wearing is just a gold chain with a clasp, super easy.

If you’d rather purchase finished ankle chains (or anklets) you might like these I am particularly fond of this one. Forever 21 has some options as well and so does River Island.

I love this trend, how about you?



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