DIY: Victorian Lace Collar

The romantic, elegant and beautiful victorian collar is one of the trends this year and although I realize I will probably end up buying a a blouse with this element (I’m thinking a white one with lots of lace) I also decided to make this loose lace collar which you can add to your outfit for something extra. If you would like to know how I made this collar then keep reading.

These are the things you’ll need:

First you need to measure how long the lace part should be and since my ended up a bit to long I had to make some adjustments but make sure to keep measuring when creating the ruffle parts and you should be fine.

Then I took my two ribbons (these always come in the Glossybox so I thought I’d reuse them) and I sewed the ends together. If you have one ribbon just make sure two cut it long enough to be able to tie it around your neck.

Then I cut the lace into two pieces and both of them need to be longer then the measurement around your neck in order to create the ruffles (better to have it too long though, you can always cut it later.)

Then I overlapped the straight edges and sewed a straight seam in the center.

Finally I started creating ruffles by folding the lace and pinning it (I also pinned where the center was). You can make the ruffles your desired width but try and make sure both sides are symmetrical.

Then I sewed another straight seam in the center

Then I pinned the ribbon to the center of the lace.

And finally sewed it on with a straight seam and that was it!

This is how it turned out and I am pretty pleased with it! What do you think?

Have an amazing Friday!


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