On My Shopping List

This is what my shopping list currently looks like, it’s not all of it (of course) but it’s most of it. I did notice that the long shirt is no longer in stock but there are other colors. When it comes to the mesh blouse I can’t decide whether I should buy this one above or this one. The mules are so beautiful and I’m not sure I can live without them.

Do you have a shopping list? If not you should consider writing one. When I’m writing a shopping list I look through all places where I see things I want (blogs, stores, shops, photos, magazines and the latest trends), write them down and then I look through the list removing things I don’t really love as I go.

Have a lovely day!


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Cropped Pants In The Cold 6 ways

As I mentioned yesterday It’s so frustrating when you want to wear your spring clothes but it’s just to cold for some of them. One of these are the cropped pants and so I decided to create outfits with different ways of wearing the cropped pants in the cold. I might do similar posts with other items so feel free to comment if you have any ideas!

This first outfit involves cropped flare jeans and knee high boots. You can wear tights underneath the jeans if you need to and no one will ever know. I also incorporated another spring or summer piece; the dress and pairing it with jeans is really trendy right now.

The second outfit also involves boots but instead of knee high boots the’re thigh high boots. With these boots you don’t need tights even if it is cold. I wore the boots underneath my cropped jeans from Asos and paired it with a polka dot blouse.

In the third outfit I’m wearing culottes and these type of pants works just as well with pumps as they do with thigh high boots. I paired them with my oxfords and for that extra warmth I wore a pair of socks and this is a perfect outfit for fun printed socks, metallic socks and colorful socks in ankle length or knee length. I realized that didn’t have any fun socks when I planned this post so I went for simple black socks (but I really want metallic socks.) If this still is too cold then I would find a pair of skin colored nylon tights (preferably in a shade similar to your skin), wear them underneath the culottes and the socks, and no one will ever know.

In this forth outfit I’m wearing cropped black pants with a tight fit and I paired them with pumps and nylon socks. With this outfit you can also wear your nylon tights underneath the socks if necessary. If you don’t want to wear nylon socks you can also wear lace socks or fishnet socks.

The fifth outfit involves fishnet tights (but you can also go for nylon tights in black with a print or not) and pumps and I paired it with cropped jeans. This outfit is perfect when you want to wear your pumps when it’s a bit cold. And once again if you need nylon tights you can wear them underneath your fishnet tights.

The sixth way to wear cropped pants is to pair them with ankle boots or mid calf boots with or without tights. This you have probably seen me do a lot with my favorite zip up booties, but if I had sock boots I would probably wear those instead.


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Hoodie & Studs

DSC_0042 (22)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing Friday so far, I will spend the afternoon at the mall with a friend and hopefully get some outfit inspiration. It’s really frustrating when the temperature is just to cold for spring clothes (for example cropped pants) but at the same time you just don’t want to keep walking around in tights underneath everything because it’s just to warm or depressing.. If you have the same problem you should read a coming post of mine were I’ll give you some ideas of how you can wear spring pieces when it’s just a little bit too cold.

Today I’m wearing a hoodie that I have owned for almost as long as I can remember (yes really; it was a bit large when I was a kid though..) and I’m wearing it over a lace cami from Zara. I paired it with my studded pants from H&M and my favorite pumps from Vagabond. I also added a simple choker and some black rose stud earrings.

DSC_0008 (21)DSC_0013 (21)


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Can’t Get Enough: Stripes

If you don’t know this already; I love stripes and if you ask me you can never have to many striped pieces. Stripes are also my favorite when mixing prints, right now I feel like pairing up my blue white striped items with my red white striped items (I’m getting excited just thinking about it.) Since I have officially decided you can never have to many striped items (or of any that you love) we can now move on to my new skirt. I love it more than I thought I would and since I new I would love it that says a lot. I’m going to wear this skirt from Shein a lot this summer and I can’t wait (well I literally couldn’t wait since I’m wearing it today..)

I paired this new skirt with my favorite white shirt from H&M, I took the belt that came with the skirt and wore it as a scarf, I added gold earrings and my favorite thigh high boots from Daisy Street.


DSC_0050 (19).JPG

Lizzie decided to join me for a couple of photos.

DSC_0013 (20).JPG


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DIY: Pearl Jeans

DSC_0112 (3)DSC_0096 (5)

You might have seen these jeans on my Instagram and today I’m going to show you how I made them (not the actual jeans, just the decoration.) I am so pleased with how they turned out and there’s just something so beautiful with pearls on jeans. If you want other colors on your pearls, or if you want rhinestones then go for it, have fun with it!

To make these jeans I used the things in the picture below (and a needle which I forgot to add in the picture.)

The first thing to do is to lay out your jeans and place your pearls the way you want them, I went for a asymmetrical look. I decided not to place any below the knee because it’s impractical (so is placing them on the back obviously, unless you have no intention of sitting..)

If you want to you can put your jeans on to get an idea of where you could place the pearls (and where you shouldn’t.)

Once your happy with how you placed the pearls you can start to make marks with the pen and remove the pearls, I made small dots for the small pearls and bigger dots for the big pearls.

Now comes the time consuming part, sewing on the pearls one by one.. but I promise it’s worth it. I looped the thread twice through the pearls and the jeans and then I tied a couple of knots on the inside of the jeans, and then I did the same thing with the rest of the pearls.

And like I said it will all be worth it in the end!


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Military Green & Leaf Earrings (and a prince)

Today my beautiful cat Prinsen (translates to “the Prince”, and he certainly looks like he is) decided he wanted to be in some of the pictures. He is the most perfect looking cat I have ever seen but he might also be kindest. Both him and his sister Lizzie who you joined me in this post are incredibly kind unlike my third cat Spike (she’s a bit of a bully even though she is smaller than both of them, but then again she is older and considers herself to be queen) who joined me in this post. I promise you have now seen all my cats although I wouldn’t mind having a couple more…

Today I’m wearing an old shirt after my dad which I began to alter years ago but I just finished it a couple of weeks ago… I paired it with my cropped flare jeans worn over a pair of fishnet tights. I paired it with my favorite booties and to add something extra I chose my leaf earrings made out of a necklace.

DSC_0065 (12)DSC_0061 (13)DSC_0089 (7)

DSC_0023 (10)
Frida & Prinsen

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Feather & Leather

If you read yesterday’s post you know how I went on about the ankle chain and how it works with almost any outfit. I also mentioned I wanted to try it out with tights and while I was editing the photos today I realized this outfit would have been perfect for that. Oh well.. I might take a picture later and post it on Instagram.

Today I’m wearing my favorite sweater from Lindex (that I found on sale might I add), a pair of faux leather shorts that I have had for a long time (and that was pretty obvious when I noticed how they were flaking) and this might be the last time I’m wearing them. I paired it with a pair of platform mary janes and my feather hoop earrings (see how I made them.)



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