DIY: Pearl Drop Earrings

These simple earrings are perfect addition to any outfit and if you want to you can variate with different colors and really put your own spin on it. Hope you like it!

These are the things I used:

I started by taking these white pearls with a flat back and gluing them on to the earring posts (if you only have regular pearls you can use pearl posts instead.)

Take your pearls and add them to your pins, I decided not to use the flat metal beads because I found pins with larger heads. If the’re to small you’ll need something in between the head and the pearl or the pearl might come of depending on the size of the hole.

Bend the end of the pin right were the pearl ends, cut the pin so you are left with about 1 cm, I cut off a little extra because I wanted my loops as small as possible to not add to the length of the earrings more then necessary. Use your round nose pliers to create a loop.

Then move on to your chain, cut it in to equal pieces with your cutters (not shown in the photo of what you need, but it’s best to have a whole kit at all times)

Then open up the loop you made before above the pearl and add it to the ends of the chains.

On the other end attach a small jump ring and attach it to the back part of the earring posts.

That’s it! You can make two of the earrings looking the same or change one of them slightly for a mismatched look. Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


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