DIY: Denim Choker

The chokers are continuing to be a favorite of mine (and many others) and I don’t see them being set aside at any time in the near future so here is a DIY on how I made this denim choker (if you want to you can use any other fabric you like, you can even tear a longer strip and simply tie it around your neck)

This is what you’ll need:

Start by taking your fabric and cut it the length you want it (I used another choker for reference.)

Then decide what width you want your choker to be and make a small cut.

Then rip the fabric where you made the cut to create a fringed edge, the other side already had one after the Bow jeans DIY but I used the same method there.

Then add a ribbon clamp to each side (I only had these but you can use longer ones if you want to.)

Then attach your jump rings and lobster clasp, and you’re finished!

This is how it turned out:

Thanks for reading!



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