New and old

Yesterday I bought these jeans from Cubus and I love them so much! I actually bought them the day before but for some reason the sizes were unusually small so I had get them in two sizes bigger (I have a few jeans from Cubus all in the same size and this has never happened before, it’s really strange..) The same day I also bought these gold earrings from Lindex and I am so happy that I did! The top is an old one from a second hand store and the necklace I also got the day before yesterday at a second hand store (along with three other necklaces.) The shoes are from Vagabond.

During fashion week we have seen a lot of net stockings both on and off the runway and we’ll most likely see more of it the coming months. It’s a really cool detail to add to any outfit and I will definitely wear it a lot this year, I’m also considering to purchase another pair with bigger holes.

Have a good Wednesday!


#fashionpsychic #fashion #shopping #secondhand #fashionweek2017 #fashionweek


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