New Jeans

Today I’m wearing my new jeans from Asos, I’m so happy that I bought these and you’ll probably see me wearing these a lot in the future. Deconstructed jeans have been a trend for a while now and I can only hope that will continue that way for a while because I am so in love with this trend. For an interesting look I paired my jeans with a lovely white wrap blouse, a simple black choker and black rose earrings. I added my favorite booties and I completed the look with my fur bag.

Enjoy your Friday!


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Today I wanted a simple look so I just went with jeans and a white top. I bought these jeans second hand a few days ago and I love them. The white top from Zara is such a nice basic with the cut out details at the shoulders keeping this look from looking to simple. I added two gold chokers also bought second hand and my lion stud earrings from Romwe. Since it’s still a bit on the colder side outside I chose my black platform booties from H&M to complete the look.

Have an amazing day!


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The Bomber and the Easy Trick

Today I used one of the smartest inventions when it comes to fashion; the safety pin. It’s amazing how something so small can do so much and I think that this outfit proves it. Sometimes I struggle a lot when making my outfits (I make them a day ahead and sometimes even earlier if I’m inspired) and the safety pin has saved me a lot of times. You know when you have an idea in your head of something that would look so good but when actually try it one it doesn’t look at all like you had in mind? Well in some cases a safety pin is all you need to make your piece of clothing look that way you wanted.

Today I’m wearing a bomber from Choies and I wrapped it a bit and pinned it at the top to create this almost Chinese looking collar (and if I’m correct this type of collar is going to be trending in the near future.) I love the way this looked and it really made all the difference. I’m wearing a basic top from Asos underneath and I paired it with my pants from Culture with a lot of gorgeous details. I added one earring from Pieces and one that I made recently, my favorite watch and a gold ring. Finally I added my favorite Oxfords from Dune which I bought in London several years ago (on sale might I add.)

Have a good Wednesday!


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Lace and a Hoodie

I woke this morning super tired as usual but I felt so much better when I heard the birds sing, you know the ones that sing when spring has arrived (don’t know what kind they are though, I don’t really know birds) I do know that among the birds there was a dove, I know that one very well just because it sounds kind of funny (especially when you sing along, not that I have ever done that…)

Enough said about my knowledge when it comes to bird singing, lets move on to the outfit of the day.

Today I mixed styles using a long lace kimono with fringes and a grey hoodie underneath. I paired it with my favorite jeans and lace up booties. I added a choker to give the look something extra and a simple pair of silver earrings.

Have a good Tuesday!


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Cream & Crisp

Yesterday didn’t go as planned but I did end up having a great time at home with a fashion magazine to update me, coffee and an amazing cheesecake (and I haven’t made this every weekend during the last month or so…) It’s so good, especially with some fresh blueberries on top.

For the outfit today I’m wearing my favorite crispy white shirt paired up with skinny black jeans. I’m wearing my zip up boots although I might end up wearing sneakers which looks really good with this look as well. I added a earring that I made recently and my gold choker.

Have a good day!


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Dress & Jeans

Wearing a dress over pants or jeans is something I’m really into right now. Wear it as is or with your dress half tucked in for a relaxed look.

Today it’s another slightly warmer sunny day and I’m feeling so good. I’m going shopping today and mostly I’m hoping for some inspiration for spring rather than finding something to purchase (not that I mind that of course) We’ll see how it turns out but I know I’m getting coffee because that’s simply a must.

Today I’m wearing my jeans from Cubus again paired with a dress from Gina tricot. I added a ribbon choker, silver bangles and studs, and a pair of cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21. Finally I added my favorite Vagabond pumps (the first time this year!)

Thanks for reading!


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My Most Worn Jewelry

Jewelry is something I love and I even make a lot of my jewelry, but there are some pieces I have had for years that I always come back to. Whats so great about jewelry like this is that you can feel like don’t really need any other pieces. They go with everything and I always end up bringing these pieces whenever I travel (which is a good thing since I might bring one set of jewelry for each outfit otherwise..)

Thanks for reading!


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