DIY: Bra Straps Inspired by Christian Dior

I saw this post about runway trends on Elle and I loved this photo above (and the whole idea of showing your bra straps) from the Christian Dior show. So I decided to make a DIY inspired by it, I hope you like it!

Below are the things I used (the pen is meant for textiles and the ribbon is elastic.)

1. The first thing I did was to adjust the straps on my bra the way I want it to be because I won’t be able to adjust the new straps later.

2. Then I cut the elastic band a bit longer than the bra straps to be able to fold the ends when they are sewed on.

3. Then I simply cut off the bra straps.

4. Once I decided what to write on my straps I began to write and then let it dry for an hour before moving on to the next step.

5. When the text was dry I pinned the straps to the bra.

6. And finally I sew the straps on.(the seams doesn’t have to be perfect and you can either do it with needle and thread like me or with a sewing machine.)

And the result:

Thanks for reading!


#fashionpsychic #diy #dior


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