Milan Fashion Week: Two favorite collections

These two shows inspired me a bit more than all the others during Milan fashion week and I really wanted to share them. Since I’ve already published a post today I suppose you can consider this a small bonus post. The reason I am publishing this today is because it’s time for Paris fashion week. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Salvatore Ferragamo

The photos are from

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Styling Trick: Mixing Materials

An easy trick when putting together an outfit is to mix different materials. For example; today I paired my faux leather leggings from Forever 21 with a knitted sweater from Lindex layered over a tank top with a lace trim. Using this trick you have without too much effort created an outfit that looks chic and interesting at the same time.

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Belt over Coat

Today I’m going to a second hand store and I decided to wear my jeans from River Island, a shirt from Ginatricot and over it I’m wearing my favorite coat from Zara. I added a belt to accentuate the waist, this a really nice look if you’re planning to wear your coat for most of the day. I finished off the outfit with a pair of classic white Reebok sneakers

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DIY: Bow Jeans

The photo is from and it was taken during Milan fashion week in February last year. I have wanted to make my own bow jeans ever since I saw this photo and the time has finally come. I hope you like this DIY, if you do don’t forget to click on the like button.

If you want to you can make bigger bows, more bows or whatever you like, the sky is the limit!

You will only need three things (if you don’t want a permanent design you could sew on the bows instead)

1. The first step is to put on your jeans and decide where you want your bows, I used pins to mark the place where I wanted each bow.

2. The second step is to take your other pair of jeans (the pair you won’t be wearing) and cut strips of fabric. I cut at the bottom of the pant leg and then I teared it the rest of the way for a rough edge.

3. The third step is to take the jeans (that you didn’t just rip into pieces..) and cut where the bows will be (like I did in the picture.)

4. The fourth step is to pull your strips of fabric through the loop.

5. The fifth and final step is to tie a knot and make a bow, and you’re finished!

Here are the results:

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Bow jeans and a body

It’s Friday! Isn’t it crazy how quickly time passes?

Today I’m going shopping (of course) and whether I’m buying anything remains to be seen. Because I order most of my clothes online I rarely have money left for clothing once I’m in the store. But we’ll see if find anything (there is always something.)

Today I’m wearing a basic body from Asos and I paired it up with my newly crafted bow jeans (There will be DIY post tomorrow.) I added a leather choker with a buckle detail and a pair of silver hoops. The shoes are from H&M, but I might end up wearing my lace up leather booties because the’re much more comfortable.

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