2 Inspiring Fashion Books

If you read a lot of fashion books you have most likely heard of or read the books “It” written by Alexa Chung and “How to be Parisian wherever you are” by Caroline de Maigret among others. I don’t read a lot of books (even though I want to, I just never feel like it) but when I do and the book is good I can’t believe I don’t read more often. Anyway, I got these two books on two separate birthdays (if I remember correctly, it might have been Christmas) and I managed to get myself to read them (probably because I wanted these books). I love how books can be so inspiring like these two were and I just felt I had to share them with you fellow fashion lovers!

Alexa Chung is so inspiring and I love her style! This book is a must read among fashion books and it was so inspiring. It’s almost like reading a diary with a fashion theme where she writes about what inspires her. It really great source for outfit inspiration and the only negative thing about it is the length. It is a pretty average length but the fact that I wish it was longer means it must be really good.

I know “How to be Parisian wherever you are” isn’t just about style but those parts are really good and inspiring. With many different ways to be Parisian whether it’s about style, love or bad habits, this book most definitely wish you were a woman living in Paris. Although I already had this picture in my head of Paris women it’s so wonderful and inspiring to read about it.

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