T-shirt & Jeans 4 ways

The classic T-shirt and jeans have many varieties and I personally love this simple style. It’s the easiest outfit possible and it looks so gorgeous. Since I like to add something extra to all my outfits I thought I’d show some ways I would amp up the T-shirt and jeans (without changing the outfit completely.)

The first option is to layer a scarf over, whether it’s your big knitted scarf or your favorite bright scarf doesn’t matter. I am really into skinny scarves right now and below I’m wearing a leopard scarf from Forever 21 and a sash from an old dress worn as a scarf. (In the second picture I’m wearing both.) In the fourth picture I’m wearing a faux fur scarf (because I love fur) also from Forever 21.

The second option is something I have loved for as long as I can remember and it’s the vest. The vest is just so perfect to add to any look, it’s such a fun piece and it works just as well long as it does short. Below I’m wearing a faux leather vest (originally a jacket) and I have a similar one in burgundy. The second one is my black vest with embroidery and tassels I bought on sale years ago. It’s a bit western style which I really love. The last one Is a longer lace vest with split ends and I am so proud to say that I made it myself out of a pair of pants.

The third option is simple and perfect when you’re cold; the cardigan or poncho. The first is a grey draped cardigan I have had for a really long time and I still love it so much. The second is my oversized zebra cardigan, it’s so cozy and warm! The poncho is probably the warmest, coziest piece ever made and when you live in a country like Sweden it’s the perfect piece. The one I’m wearing is from Only.

The final option kinda goes with the scarves but I wanted to show it last. I bought this lace scarf with fringes a few years ago and I smile every time I see it. I love wearing it over my shoulders and even though it’s a bit unpractical I love this look the most.

Don’t forget the Stevie Nicks spin.

Thanks for reading!


#fashionpsychic #jeans


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