Closet Cleaning

It’s a new year and this means a new start. This means it’s time to get a new haircut, try out new things and so much more. But what comes to mind when I think of new starts is closet cleaning (or any kind) because I love the way it makes me feel. If you feel the same way and you’re planning a closet cleaning right now; here are my tips:

Keep in mind that you will probably need to go through everything a few times since you usually find more things to clear out when you get more in to it, so don’t just go through it and expect to be finished (you won’t feel that great when you have cleared out one dress you’re still not sure you want to get rid of..) So keep going and be harsh.

  • The first thing you should do is to look through your clothes, shoes or accessories and see if there is something you feel like clearing out right away. This is the easy part I’m afraid but keep going and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.
  • Now it’s time to go through it a second time and this time you need to do a more thorough job. Look closely at every piece and see if there are any (non fixable) stains or holes. Anything like that should be cleared out, you deserve so much better.
  • You should also clear out things you have never worn or rarely wear (unless you are completely sure you will.) To be sure I like to ask my self: “If it’s appropriate, would I consider wearing this tomorrow?”, if the answer is no it’s unlikely you every will wear it. Other than things you rarely or never wear you should also consider getting rid of things you saved from specific occasions (prom dress, bridesmaid’s dress and similar), you obviously won’t wear it ever again.
  • Now you should have a big pile of things you’re not going to keep (if you have that much clothes.) You’re almost finished but first you should go through your closet again and try everything out (Yes, everything), if you don’t have the time you can split the steps into a couple of days or so. Get rid of things you don’t love on your body, anything that is to big and things you have no idea how to match with the rest of your clothes.
  • Finally you can look through your clothes one more time if necessary and then you can move on to your pile. Sort the pile in to a second hand pile, a sell pile (if you actually will commit to selling it) and so on. Make sure to make a schedule of when to do what, if possible do it right away or at least prepare as much as possible.

I know this feels like a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Have fun cleaning out your closet!

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