Second Hand: Shopping Guide

Shopping in second hand stores can be tricky, but with the right methods it can be a lot of fun.
In this post I’m going to share my methods and experiences.

1. Know before what you want and what you don’t want. The best way to do this is to look through your clothes and write a list. Write specific things you like such as prints, details and silhouettes. Do your best to stick to the list for the best result. (This method works for any kind of shopping) Keep in mind that even though you find something that looks fresh and new that you think looks good doesn’t mean you should buy it. I love a lot of different types of clothing, but I wouldn’t wear all of them. Stick to what you love and the things that go with your style.

2. Always look at details, is the fabric washed out? are there any stains or holes? is anything missing? and then you should ask yourself if these are things you can fix. If you are able to fix it, show the holes and stains to the cashier and ask to get a discount. But if you’re not sure whether you’ll actually fix the clothes, than maybe it’s better to leave it.

3. The size is just as important as always so don’t chose the wrong one hoping it will fit because you found that specific piece you were looking for. I know it’s an amazing feeling when you find something you saw in a store when it was brand new. Even though it’s the wrong size you’re considering to ignore that fact because “it’s only one size bigger or smaller.” Try it out or don’t buy it, and if you do try it and it’s only decent looking DON’T buy it, you will regret it.

There are a lot of places to shop second hand but I just wanted to let you know about my favorite online shop Asos marketplace, they have such a great selection and I really recommend it!

The 5 best things to look for:

1. Jeans (There are so many options and you might even find your perfect pair.)

2. Outerwear (They are rarely washed making almost all of them looking new)

3. Basics (Someones “never worn top” might become your basic “goes with everything top”!)

4. Jewelry (You can find so many unique pieces!)

5. Statement pieces (Detailed unique pieces; lifts up the outfit)

Happy shopping!

If you like this post you might want to read my post about three of my second hand finds: Second hand finds

Thanks for reading!


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