6 Holiday Party Outfits

The holiday season is here and it’s a busy time for everyone with Christmas shopping, baking and events on top of the everyday life. It’s a stressful time and I hope to get you in to the holiday spirit and take some pressure off by showing you some ideas of what to wear for the holiday parties.

Do you need some ideas for a holiday party outfit? I’m going to show you 6 ideas of what to wear for the next holiday party.

(I only mention where the things are from if I bought them recently)

1. In this first outfit I paired a pair of pants with a lace top and layered a vest over it. I added a pair of boots from H&M (but any other shoe works just as well, black shoes look great but a silver or gold pair would look amazing depending on the jewelry), I added some sparkle with a spiky rhinestone earring.

2. This second outfit is the most bright and colorful, and the only one with red (see you don’t need to wear red just because it’s Christmas.) I paired this red dress with black thigh high boots and a black velvet choker.

3. In this third outfit I paired two colors many people think doesn’t work together, but I disagree. I love wearing dark blue and black together, just imagine a rich dark blue blouse paired with pants in the darkest black; don’t tell me it doesn’t sound beautiful. In this look I wore a dark blue velvet top (that I made myself) and I paired it with a long black skirt which I tucked in to make it look more interesting. I added this gold necklace with pearls (bought second hand) and pearl earrings. For shoes I just went with a classic pump from H&M.

4. The fourth outfit includes the color white which many people avoid wearing during the holiday season, but you can wear it. Why wouldn’t you want to wear a dress looking like it was made of snow? I wore a white dress with a black lace cami underneath and I paired it with black pumps and a silver earring with black details.

In this fifth outfit I wore a black strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, I paired it with thigh high boots, a black pearl necklace which I made myself and then I added a faux fur scarf for a luxurious feel.

The last outfit is just begging to go to the club on new year’s eve. I paired my black sequin leggings with a sleeveless turtleneck. I added a pair of boots from H&M, a fringe earring (check out fringe earring DIY) and finally I added my faux fur jacket from Yoins.

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