Iron Maiden & Pearl earrings

Guess what I did this Thursday afternoon, wait for it.. I went shopping again (shocker!) But I actually didn’t purchase anything besides a spicy latte. Anyways I wanted you to see my outfit because of this awesome t-shirt that I’m wearing. Having a dad who loves hard rock music it’s hard not to start loving it yourself, even if it’s not what I listen to most of the time I still love it (does that make sense?) As I was saying I made a little room for hard rock in heart thanks to my dad and this Thursday I wore a t-shirt with me and my dad’s favorite band Iron Maiden. I originally bought it because we were going to an Iron Maiden concert a few years ago, but I love it and I’m planning to buy another one. I’m also hoping that we will go on another concert soon 😉

Thanks for reading!


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