Casual Classy: Black & White Balance

Dear reader,

I love an outfit with classy yet casual vibes like the one I’m wearing today. These pants are a mix of joggers and suit pants and I am really in to that mix of styles. Black and white is a classic combination and when wearing a top and pants I like to think about which color is where. For example I have more of a pear shape (smaller upper body and wider hips) and since white can make you appear bigger and black make you appear smaller I chose a white top and black pants. This balances the shape, so if you want to enhance the parts you love choose a light color and vice versa.

The pants are from Culture, the top is an old H&M tunic, the boots (which you have probably seen before..) are from H&M. I paired the outfit with a choker I made myself and a pair of classic pearl earrings (probably a big pack from H&M, these are similar.)

Thank you so much for reading!


#fashionpsychic #fashion #fashionblog #black #white #casual #classy #classic #choker #pearl


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