3 inspiring blogs

One source of inspiration that I use a lot is other blogs. I read mainly fashion blogs and blogs with DIY projects and these 3 blogs are the ones I read most of the time. (The’re not ranked in any particular order.)

1. The first blog I read a lot is the fashion blog Ohh Couture founded by Leonie Hanne. Her sense of style is jaw dropping and I am so inspired by her. She is an expert when it comes to layering and finding new ways to wear her favorite pieces over and over. This is the dream for us with less money to spend on clothes.

2. The second blog is a fashion blog I have read for many years and it is Fashiontoast founded by the gorgeous model Rumi Neely. Although she wears a lot of luxurious clothing she manages to turn something simple in to something really interesting. She has the ability to turn a classic basic in to something that looks like a million bucks.

3. The third blog is about fashion, DIY, lifestyle and so on, it’s the blog A pair and a spair founded by Geneva Vanderzeil. She has the best DIY projects and she is so inspiring. The most recent posts I read where her blogging 101 series and it was amazing, and it has really helped me with my blog!

Thanks for reading!


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