The shirt: 9 ways

The shirt is a very versatile piece and it’s something everyone should have at least one of. These nine ways of styling it are only a few possible ways.

1. Wear it just the way it is with the sleeves cuffed or not. Buttoned up all the way or not. This is a classic yet relaxed way of wearing the shirt.

2. Tuck the shirt in for a classy look and to show of your shape. Wearing the shirt this way looks good on anyone if you ask me.

3. If you want a more interesting look you can simply tuck in one side of the shirt. I love wearing it this way!

4. Tie the ends of the shirt in to a knot to define the waist. this works great over a dress as well.

5. If your shirt is oversized or you simply want to change it up you can wrap the shirt and pin it in place.

6. The off the shoulder trend is huge and with a shirt you can make your own top without cutting and sewing. I am so in love this look!

7. Familiar with Beyonce’s “Single ladies (put a ring on it)?” Well in my head I like to sing “put a belt on it.” I love adding a belt to my outfits, it adds a final touch.

8. I love layering and my favorite way of doing this is using similar pieces (denim, plaid shirts, striped shirts..) like I have done above. Just take a shirt and tie it over a similar shirt, it looks so good!

9. Finally if you like the ultimate relaxed look or if you just want to show what you’re wearing underneath. Throw on the shirt and wear it like you would a cardigan. (You can always put a belt on it to)

Thanks for reading!



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