Yesterday’s Shopping

As promised here is my outfit from yesterday. I wore a cut out top from Zara underneath a lace cami also from Zara, the jeans are from Miss Selfridge and the bag is second hand. The boots I’ve had so long I barely remember where there from (same with the necklace). The earrings are from Pieces.

Black Friday was as crazy as expected and I came home with one find (unfortunately not on sale) but after I found it I felt I didn’t want anything else which is unlike me and only happens when I find something I really love.

This shirt from Ginatricot is my one and only find and I love it so much. It’s an oversized shirt with wide cuffs and the black ribbons is such a pretty detail but you can also remove them if you want. I love this type of shirt right now and I really wanted one that unlike the one I already have is a regular length, making it easier tuck in when you’re wearing pants. I couldn’t be more happy about this shirt!

Thanks for reading!


​#fashionpsychic #fashion #blackfriday #blackandwhite


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